What is the problem with my BlackBerry 9810 and WordPress Mobile?

BlackBerry 9810 Torch
BlackBerry 9810 Torch

Some days ago, I published an article titled “What is the problem with Etisalat BIS and WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry?” In brief, I have been unable to setup and manage any WordPress account on the BlackBerry WordPress app. This article is a sequel to that.

I mentioned the following in that article:

– that it looked like an Etisalat issue because some other subscribers complained of similar issues
– that Etisalat technical support got in touch and were able to use the app on range of devices at their end

I got back to those individuals who had told me that they were unable to use the app and walked them through setting it up successfully. It works at their end. Their earlier complaint was due to human error at their end. This leaves me alone with this problem.

It is looking like this is NOT an Etisalat issue. Or that if it is, it is an isolated case.

I was able to use the app on my wife’s Blackberry 9650, and I still use the WordPress for Android app without issues till date. That means, the problem is not with the Mobility site’s backend.

As a matter of fact, using BlackBerry Bridge, I am able to use WordPress on the PlayBook, but it just doesn’t work on the 9810.

I have also downgraded my 9810 from OS7.1 back to the OS7.0 that it shipped with. Still, this WordPress app isn’t working. Searching Google hasn’t turned out any generic issues of this sort. I am getting stumped. Perhaps, the problem is my 9810 itself.

In the meantime, I am upgrading the 9810 back to OS 7.1. I might as well enjoy the new benefits anyway, WordPress or no WordPress.

Kudos to the Etisalat support team

Not only did the Etisalat technical team call me and were very knowledgeable, they also later asked for the contacts of those other who were unable to use the app, so they could help too. Of course, by then i had sorted out those others.

Thanks, guys!

At this point, I think that there is no fear that there is a conflict between Etisalat BIS and the WordPress app. It looks like my device is the culprit. This is inconclusive, but the trail of available evidence strongly favours this position.


Yay! Skype makes Windows Phone more attractive to me


I am a big fan of the Windows Phone platform. The clean, elegant and smooth interface is exactly what I want in a mobile. I have been lusting after the Dell Venue Pro for months now. You all know that I live and breath by QWERTY. The Venue Pro’s large 4.0 inch display and nice QWERTY keyboard makes it a very attractive device for me.

However, the lack of Skype on Windows Phone has been a stumbling block to me. I carry two devices at the moment – the Samsung Galaxy S II for my voice, SMS and multimedia needs, and the Blackberry 9810 for my mobile office needs. Unfortunately, there is no Skype app available for the BlackBerry platform. Getting a Windows Phone for everyday use (to likely replace the SGSII) before now would have meant carrying around two devices without Skype. In my books, not good.

I pick my devices such that they complement one another. A Windows Phone and BlackBerry combination would have been a bad idea – but not anymore!

With Skype available for Windows Phone, now I can start exploring how to get my grubby hands on a Dell Venue Pro, all other things being equal.


Mister Mobility interviewed ahead of Mobile Web West Africa 2012

oTekBits is an online magazine with daily coverage of everything happening within the startups, technology and developers ecosystem. They got hold of our own Mister Mobility who is chairing for the second year running at Mobile Web West Africa 2012. The intro:

Mobile Web West Africa 2012 Conference (MWWA2012) is here, and we are already rolling out pre-event updates. Not to miss any of the action, follow us on twitter – @oTeKbits, and get updates from our Mobile Web W.Africa 2012 blog channel. We’ve already shared what to expect from the conference, in term of companies that’d be represented and showcasing product, including InMobi, Spinlet, RIM, and tech personalities as well.

We took time out to interview Yomi Adegboye popularly known as Mister Mobility, as his name made the list of people who’d be taking the center stage at the Mobile Web West Africa 2012 conference – 25th and 26th of April at Oriental Hotel. He shares some interesting information about himself as a dual personality – Yomi Adegboye and Mister Mobility. He also talks about the Mobility brand, his role at the MWWA2012; not forgetting to talk about the relevance of the event as well as his expectations from the Mobile Web West Africa 2012 conference.

Follow the link below to read the complete interview.

Interview: Yomi Adegboye (Founder, Mobility) To Chair Mobile Web West Africa 2012.


Popular apps created exclusively for Nigerians now available on BlackBerry


Lagos, Nigeria – Popular applications created for BlackBerry®customersin Nigeria are enabling them to getinformation, news and entertainment in simple and easy ways on their BlackBerry smartphones.

One example is the Nigerian Constitution App, which first launched in September 2011. The free-to-download app, created by Pledge51, a start-up company owned by local developers Zubair Abubakar and Bayo Puddicombe, was designed to give Nigerians easy access to important information about rights and citizenshipat the time of the Nigerian elections. The app recorded 10,000 downloads in the first 72 hours and has had over 82,000 downloads to date. A new version of the Nigerian Constitution App is now available on BlackBerry App World™.

Other exciting new apps for Nigerians include EssentialApp, which provides access to lifestyle information in Nigeria. This free-to-download app is integrated with SMS and provides a useful guide withhundreds of statistics covering various facets of day-to-day life in Nigeria.

The second version of EssentialApp is now available. New features include a number of enhancements such as:

  • Integration with the BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) app
  • Business directory search backed by 100,000 companies in the database
  • Localized ‘Like’ function for rating select business apps

For Nigerians interested in developing apps for the BlackBerry platform, RIM is holding a BlackBerry developer day Friday April 27th at the 5 star Oriental Hotel in Lagos. This is part of RIM’s sponsorship of Mobile Web West Africa 2012, a developer conference being held on April 25th and 26th at the hotel. For more information please visit http://www.mobilewestafrica.com/wp/app-developer-day.

BlackBerry Application Developer Day will help promote the development and monetisation of local apps in the region. Developers will also have an opportunity to participate in a developer competition with prizes ranging from BlackBerry smartphones to a trip to the next BlackBerry® Developer Conference in Europe in February 2013. Full details of the competition can be found at http://www.mobilewestafrica.com/wp/app-competition.

RIM will also join the Nigerian technology community at the April edition of the Co-Creation Hub’s DevParapo to discuss the BlackBerry® ecosystem, opportunities for Nigerian developers and the shared vision with Co-Creation Hub to support and enhance the developer ecosystem in Nigeria. The event takes place on April 27th at 5:30 – 8:30pm at Co-Creation Hub (6th Floor, 294, Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos). For more information please visit http://aprildevpar.eventbrite.com/.

For more information about developing for BlackBerry visit:


Review: Blackberry Bridge on the PlayBook


I have had a PlayBook in the house for a short while and have been putting it through its paces. I have updated it to the latest OS version 2.0.0358 and find it a very rock stable tablet. Plus, all the initial ommissions have been put in – email client being the most prominent.

Blackberry Bridge lets you connect your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once you have installed the Bridge app on your BlackBerry smartphone and set the connection up, you can:

1. browse on the PlayBook’s built-in browser using your blackberry smartphone’s subscription (no other costs); downloads also supported using your smartphone’s BIS
2. access your Blackberry smartphone’s file system
3. access your Blackberry smartphone’s email, calendars, BlackBerry Messenger
4. use your Blackberry smartphone as a wireless remote control for your tablet
5. load web pages on your PlayBook’s web browser right from your smartphone’s web browser

The Bridge feature is so nifty and useful. For those who have been wishing that they could use their Blackberry internet subscription on a larger screen, BlackBerry bridge makes that dream a reality. The Bridge can be setup such that anytime both devices are within range and have Bluetooth on, a connection is automatically established.

For one, with my Etisalat BIS subscription, I am able to use email, synchronise contacts and calendars, browse use internet-connected apps, and browse the internet on the PlayBook.

Another example: I do almost all my tweeting on my BlackBerry because the hardware keyboard makes typing easier for me. Very often, i would see a link of interest and click on it, but when it loads, its a one of those stone age websites that are not optimised for mobile. All I do is click the Menu button and select “View on PlayBook”. That webpage is immediately loaded on the larger display of the PlayBook for my viewing pleasure.

In earlier iteration of the PlayBook OS, there was a separate Bridge browser. That is history. Bridge now uses the built-in web browser and works spectacularly well.

Another beauty of the Bridge connection is the fact that it runs on Bluetooth and not Wifi. I often have an active Bridge connection for over five (5) unbroken hours without either device running out of juice. Also, if you have a good BIS service, as i have enjoyed till date, keeping your Blackberry on 2G (GPRS/EDGE) delivers stable and smooth web browsing on the PlayBook. As a matter of fact, except when downloading heavy files, my 9810 is permanently set to run on 2G.

I am also able to use my smartphone as a remote control to navigate, scroll, select and move items on the PlayBook. Personally, I haven’t found much use for this feature yet, but it works anyway.

Blackberry Bridge makes the PlayBook an indispensable companion to a modern BlackBerry smartphone. I will be writing a review of the PlayBook later as soon as I am done with PlirisBlaze, so hang around, all you BlackBerry lovers.


What is the problem with Etisalat BIS and WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry?


I have been using WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry for months on my Etisalat BlackBerry complete plan without issues. Suddenly, a little over a week ago, I began to get error messages. Shortly after that, the WordPress app stopped connecting.

If you are trying to setup a WordPress blog/ account, a connection is not established, and so you cannot. If you already have a WordPress blog setup, the app is unable to establish a connection with it too, and so you cannot manage your blog. It doesn’t matter what type of WordPress blog it is that you are trying to connect to, it doesn’t go through.

I have spoken with other BlackBerry users, and the general verdict that I have is this:

– WordPress Mobile works without issues for MTN BlackBerry subscribers

– WordPress Mobile works without issues for Glo BlackBerry subscribers

– WordPress Mobile does NOT work for Etisalat BlackBerry users right now

The above information suggests that the issue is with Etisalat BlackBerry service.

As a rule, customer care reps are not technically savvy. It can be a nightmare explaining something as simple as this to them. As such, what I have done is contacted Etisalat via Twitter. Hopefully, their Twitter team will include people who have a better grasp of this.

WordPress Mobile is the number one productivity mobile app for me. I run Mobility Blog on it. My BlackBerry is also my number one productivity smartphone. Right now, this logjam between Etisalat’s service and this super app is frustrating for me.

I hope that it gets resolved in hours, not days, so I can get on with cranking out my articles. In the meantime, I am typing this using the blog’s mobile admin interface. It isn’t as elegant and comprehensive as what WordPress Mobile offers, but at the moment I do not have much of a choice.

Etisalat Nigeria, over to you guys.

1.30pm. I just got a call from a tech rep at Etisalat Nigeria. He had setup a WordPress blog and tried out the app – and it worked without issues.

He also tried out Mobility on it. That worked too.

So, we have a scenario in which this issue happens with some people and does not for others. The app version number he has is same as mine – 1.5.1.

They have escalated the issue to RIM as well and are also looking at other possibilities. I have run a tech business before and know that this sort of scenario happens in which just a set of people face a non-generic issue.

This issue isn’t resolved yet, but that is great support from Etisalat. The rep who called me was also quite knowledgeable.

Looking forward to a resolution.

A Sequel: What is the problem with my BlackBerry 9810 and WordPress Mobile?


PlirisBlaze in the House!


The PlirisBlaze package arrived via Fedex a few days ago, courtesy of the nice people at PlirisMobile Nigeria Limited, makers of the smartphone. PlirisBlaze is an Android smartphone with the following specs:

  • 4-inch TFT 480 x 800 pixel capacitive multi-touch display
  • Android OS v2.3.4 Gingerbread
  • DUAL SIM in Dual Standby Mode
  • 3G/3.5G
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 512 RAM, 700 MHz processor
  • 1,500 mAh battery
  • 10hr Talk Time Extended Battery Back Pack included (1,750 mAh)
  • Weight: 116g
  • 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash
  • 3.5mm audio jack

The PlirisBlaze is a nice device to look at and in the hands. This unit is white and arrived in a white box, with all included accessories ALL white. Nice!

Some Background

PlirisMobile tells us that their man, Femi Alade, designed, built and patented the dual SIM 3G radio used in the device here in Nigeria. Which sounds impressive. PlirisMobile works with a Hong Kong based factory to put the hardware components together, while final OS install is done in Abuja.

Impressive. And there is more, but I will be bringing those juicy details to you in my review article.

I will be reviewing this device in the next one week and will have my findings published as always.


Why there is no iPad Killer

iPad 2

Every time a new tablet is announced or when speculations start to arise, the word “iPad Killer” gets tossed around a lot. Yet, not one tablet has lived up to that name. I want to give some simple reasons why I think that this is so.

Internal Competition
You can call it a race before THE race, but most Android tablets have to compete with other Android tablets before they even start to compete against the iPad. I think that this makes the front against the iPad diluted or fragmented – or whatever you want to call it.

Of course, this is somehow good for the consumer who has several choices. Still, at the end of the day, if feels like an incomplete experience either on the software front or the hardware front.

Over/Under Featured
We all know that the joy of using the Android operating system is that you can get devices at almost any price point. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you spend money on a budget device, you end up with a semi-good device or an okay device if you are lucky. But along with the price cut will also be some significant feature cut as well.

If you have the money for a high end tablet, you get so many features and so few applications to utilize the hardware that the manufacturer is boasting about. Another reason why most high end tablet manufacturers lose to the iPad is majorly because of the availability of lots of apps. There is also the issue of similar or even higher price points to the iPad.

iPad users are spoilt for choice when it comes to accessories. They range from smart covers to styluses and external keyboards. Yes, I know that some Android tablets also have accessories but they are not as varied as that of the iPad.

These are the few reasons why I think that there is no “iPad Killer”. I do not argue that there are not other tablets coming up with better hardware. My argument is that they cannot kill the iPad in the aspects that it thrives the most.

The closest to competition from the Android camp is the Kindle Fire. It runs a heavy skinned version of Android and is closely controlled in a way by Amazon.

What do you think?


How to move your BBM contacts without resending friend requests


So you have a new BlackBerry smartphone with 99 (or 666) BlackBerry Messenger contacts, and you want to move your contacts from the old device to the new one without having to manually re-send a BBM request.

BlackBerry Messenger offers a Backup Management feature that makes this easy-peachy.

Backup from Current phone

Open BBM on your current phone, hit the menu button and scroll down to Options. Follow these steps:

Options – Backup Management – Back Up
Next page: select Back up files locally
Next page: Select Auto save**, then hit “Back up Now”
Next page: Save file to Media Card

**Auto Save means that your BBM Contacts list is backed up up automatically when changes are made to it.

Restore on new phone

On your new blackberry device, insert your media card, setup your BlackBerry service, and launch BlackBerry Messenger. Use the Menu button to find Options and follow these steps:

Options – Backup Management – Restore
Next page: select Restore using a backup file from media card
Next page: Select File – Just scroll down till you see a file named in the format “BBM-(12-03-23).con” The part in parenthesis is the date of the backup file. Choose the latest file and this will be restored to your BBM.



Mister Mobility's BlackBerry Curve 9380 Review

The BlackBerry curve 9380 is a full touchscreen device. It is one of those rare berries without a hardware keyboard. The 9380 is t all intents an purposes an identical twin of the Curve 9360. The difference is that the 9360’s hardware keyboard was removed to make way for a full touchscreen face.

Quick Specifications

  • 3.2-inch, 360 x 480 pixels, touchscreen display
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 800MHz processor
  • 150 MB internal memory + microSD slot (2GB MicroSD card pre-bundled)
  • BlackBerry OS 7.0
  • 5 Megapixel camera with LED flash
  • Wi-Fi
  • A-GPS and NFC

Display & Text Input

Unlike its twin the 9360 which does not have a touchscreen, the 9380 is a full touchscreen Berry. This would mean different things to different people. BlackBerry OS works just fine on it. It is a good display, though not spectacular.

For text entry, this display was a problem for me. I find it difficult to type comfortably on anything smaller than 3.5 inches, and this was no exception. Of course, I have large fingers, so that is understandable. People with smaller fingers are likely to find typing on the 9380’s 3.2 inch display more comfortable.


The 5 megapixel camera on the 9380 is fixed focus and appears to be exactly same as on the 9360 too. It doesn’t sit among the best 5 megapixel cameras on the market. However, it is usable for your casual shots and videos. Just don’t expect anything spectacular.

Of course, BlackBerries have never been spectacular in the camera department. This is no exception.


The 9380 does what other BlackBerries do – email, web browsing, SMS, BB Messenger, etc.

There’s a music player, as well as a video player, and they work fine. The speakers are good in terms of audio quality and volume.

Viewing pictures and videos on the relatively large display is a joy, of course. You can see more, compared to what obtains on BlackBerry smartphones with much smaller displays. I was able to watch my video collection without the need to convert any of them.

Battery Life

I was expecting really poor battery performance because of the full touchscreen nature of the 9380. However, it didn’t turn out exactly poor. I found myself needing to charge the device before the end of the working day though. If you are an addicted BBM user, for example, keep your charger nearby always.


For the most part, the 800MHz processor delivered smooth performance with OS7 on this model. However, there were times when I felt some sluggishness in responses. The experience wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t 100% smooth either.

Again, the 9380 is mid-tier and the 800Mhz CPU is part of the compromise for the lower cost. The occasional slowdowns weren’t enough to make me want to tear my hair out though, but when downloading and/or installing apps from the AppWorld, things stood still for the most part. I simply had to wait for the download/installation tasks to complete before being able to do other things.


The 9380 does everything you’d expect it to do. However, it wasn’t designed to be outstanding at any of them. Most mid-tier devices are not either, so that’s not a bad thing. It comes with the terrain.

If you want a touchscreen Blackberry device running the latest OS7 and do not intend to cough out a fortune, the Curve 9380 comes highly recommended.