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    Sweetdoct247 says:

    Reminds me of a few months back when I just bought my S3 and wanted to try out the nfc thing btw the fone and my old C7. Well after several episodes of knocking and knocking I gave up on the grounds that maybe I dont have enough info yet on how to actually use nfc. Havent had time to google it since then. I only thank God I wasnt trying to illustrate to somebody. An embarrassment it wlda been….

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    Lade says:

    Pls i keep seeing WiFi hotspot in so many articles and i’m not sure i know what it means. Please explain and in layman’s english o! Thanks, your write-up really made me laugh.

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    Belushi says:

    Wow. Never really tried the NFC with other devices but samsung’s. Will try it with blackberry today and report back here.

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    Joao Rostli says:

    Thanks for this test and feedback, not much of this kind of info available on the www.

    Q1 2013, Broadcom starts supplying combo chips (wifi, bluetooth, nfc and fm on one chip). Qualcomm, another important chip supplier, also starts shipping nfc chips in 2013.

    With or without Apple, in a few years, Billions of devices have that chip. If we like it or not.
    New designs with nfc chip every day, soon they don’t fit anymore on one page.

    At the moment cross-platform p2p nfc use is a no go. NFC just pairs (to slow to do transfer), then bluetooth or wifi should do the transfer. A challenge for app developers.

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    saiddigge ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    With Bluetooth and Wifi it appears NFC is surplus to requirements in wireless File Transfer. But in lots of other uses NFC may still be relevant, those which include NFC tags, tap to connect to external devices(headphones, keyboards etc), and mobile payment

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    Efe says:

    @eyebeekay, I think wifi-direct is more likely to replace bluetooth than NFC. I have used wifi direct and the speed quite literally blew me away

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    cece says:

    Bro you made me laugh so hard!
    My only question for you is whether you actually read the user manual of any of the devices to be fully informed on the functionality before giving them those ‘knocks and kicks’
    Whenever I pick anything device or gadget, the first thing I do is to read the operational manual. That’s the only way to know what is and what’s not.

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    EyeBeeKay says:

    Unless NFC is more battery efficient or significantly faster in transferring files than Bluetooth technology, I think it is better we leave NFC to the realm of cards like the Samsung TecTiles @ http://m.samsung.com/us/microsite/tectile/

    With advances in Bluetooth technology up to 4.0 ( http://m.cnet.com/news/bluetooth-40-what-is-it-and-does-it-matter/20116316 ), I suppose there are activities better suited to NFC than Bluetooth, and vice versa.

    having to knock devices together to transfer files between them seems like a repressive step to me.

    Scratches everywhere !

    Imagine if we have to touch our lips to people`s ears to make them hear us! Or, we have to knock our heads together to engage in telepathy!

    I wonder if NFC is supposed to eventually replace Bluetooth, the way Bluetooth replaced Infra Red?

    I sure hope not, because there are many third apps that make creative use of the Bluetooth technology.

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    Harry Echemco says:

    Lol. This thing is supposed to be standardized already. Good there’s still Bluetooth. Across Android devices and when relatively large file(s) is/are involved, I usually prefer WiFi for the transfer.

    Anyway it is going to be better and a smoother experience with time or maybe WiFi direct will overshadow it.

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