1. jujukemist

    Even the collaborative nature of the geopolitical entity called Nigeria is akin to the Tizen implosion. Big with out a strong pilot like the American constitution is a recipe for fragmentation.
    I am forced to respect the Apple hub

  2. Harry Echemco

    Some pattern here really. But I would have thought that Android is a kind of collaborative effort with Google being at the helm, similar to Symbian project then.

  3. belushi

    This article makes a lot of sense. never really gave it a thought till now. I was really looking forward to the TIZEN OS. I hope its still on course though. We need new OSs to driver better features and abilities compared to what Android and IOS offer. Not that I am complaining about them though. There is always room for something better.

  4. Harry,

    While Google also founded the Open Handset Alliance, Android OS isn't run the same way that Symbian OS was run by the Symbian Foundation. Google is firmly in control of the Android OS. Nokia was not in control of Symbian back then. The foundation was.


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