Cost of Internet Access: Nigeria and South Africa

I must admit, to my shame, that I am one of those Nigerians who think that the price we pay for internet access is exhorbitant. Of course, this kind of thinking is based absolutely on ignorance of what is happening in other parts of the world. Had we been properly informed and educated, we would know that we are in Heaven in Nigeria as far as internet access is concerned.

For example, when you recharge with N200 on Etisalat, you get 15MB of data free to use for the monthweek. We should simply ask ourselves, Does this happen on Etisalat in other parts of the world? While I haven’t done my research, my guess is that the answer to that question will most definitely surprise us.

I recently came to South Africa to live and work. Naturally, I would need to choose an internet plan to use so I can continue to represent Mobility and keep in touch with the world. I had been told that as far as tarrifs go, MTN is the network to look at. So I decided to continue the tradition of “Every Where You Go”.

You can imagine my surprise when I checked out their prices for the different range of internet bundles they offer, and compared it with what obtains on MTN in Nigeria. The difference was too clear. The tariffs for internet access on MTN South Africa are certainly higher than that of MTN Nigeria.

Here Is The Comparison
For starters, Pay-as-you-use internet on MTN SA cost R2.00 Per MB (N40.00).
On MTN Nigeria, it cost 155kobo per KB which translates to N50.00 per MB

1day plan with 150MB data cap on MTN SA cost R50.00 (N1,000.00).
The same plan on MTN Nigeria costs N500.00

1GB data plan on MTN SA cost R289.00 (N5,780.00)
The same plan on MTN Nigeria costs N5,000.00

2GB data plan MTN SA cost R389.00 (N7,780.00)
5GB data plan MTN Nigeria cost N8,000.

As we can see, the figures speak for themselves. In my uneducated opinion, I would expect that internet tarrif in SA would be cheaper as they don’t need to power their cell sites with generators, and they do not need to spend money on diesel to keep those generators running like their Nigerian counterparts do.

For all it is worth, MTN Nigeria and other networks are working miracles to bring us internet access at the price they do, given all they have to deal with in our environment.



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