Five outstanding things about the Lumia 830 and one that sucks

The Nokia Lumia 830 can be described as a “budget flagship” running Windows Phone OS. It is not the most powerful or most expensive Windows Phone smartphone out there. But it provides a well rounded experience of what Microsoft’s ecosystem has to offer. Here are five things that I love about it and one that irks me badly.

Windows 10 mobile on Lumia 830

The Good Stuff

  1. The size and design: With a 5-inch display and very slim profile, the Lumia 830 is very comfortable in the hand. One-handed use is easy too. The 830 is gorgeous to look at and to hold. The Gold Edition is particularly stunning.
  2. The display: The display is beautiful and clear. And it is very nice to touch. Sensitivity is superb.
  3. The loudspeaker: The audio reproduction of the builtin loudspeaker (while only mono) is really rich.
  4. The camera: What we have here is a 10 megapixel camera with ZEISS optics, LED flash and optical image stabilisation. Does it produce really good photos? Yes; it does. Plus, there is a hardware shutter button so selfies with the main camera are more convenient.
  5. The OS: Windows Phone 8.1 runs smooth on the 830. The user interface is nice. But I have gone a step further and installed Windows 10 Mobile Preview on it – resulting in a whole new refreshing experience. W10M is even sleeker and smoother and a joy to use.

The Bad Stuff

  1. The back cover: It is plastic, flimsy and doesn’t fit perfectly. The upper edges keep popping out.



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