House Of Mo #9

House of Mo

Yesterday was a nightmare. A horrible one. For some reason, Mister Mo pulled out his Glo micro-SIM out of me at bedtime the night before. The 24 hours after that were just terrible. I was doomed to sit by and watch 610 get all the attention. Yes; 610! He put the card in 610 and used him all day. I still do not understand what Mo was out to achieve with the switch. Why would he put me aside for 610? I just sat on his desk doing nothing all day! The good thing was that by yesterday evening, just before Mo turned in for the night, he returned his microSIM back into me. Yay! But I needed to know, so I thought I would find out.

The Oracle

The best kept secret of the mobile universe is that a SIM card has oracular powers. Oh, so you thought technology was all that different from the spiritual? Dey dia dey dull. In the world of mobile technology, the SIM knows. I mean, everything. The SIM card is the holy grail. It is like the black box of an airplane. It stores so much information. When a human being uses a GSM mobile phone, everything that he does on the network passes through his SIM card, and much of it is stored.

As such, I decided to ask Mo’s own oracle, his microSIM. “Why did Mo set me aside yesterday?” I asked.

Never excited, the oracle responded in his dispassionate voice, “Mo set you aside because you were becoming a pain in the neck to him.”

Was this guy kidding me?! Me, a pain in the neck to Mo? What sort of foolery was this? I couldn’t quite believe my ears. “How do you mean? How was I a pain in his neck?”

The oracle droned back, “Your memory does fail you; doesn’t it? Do you forget so easily how two days ago, certain installed applications on you simply disappeared without any notice? Gmail, Facebook, Bible Study and Dictionary. Mo had not done anything to delete or uninstall them, yet they simply vanished. Do you so easily forget how Mo did a soft reset and nothing changed? He still could not find those apps. Have I refreshed your memory now?”

The memories flooded me in a flash. The oracle was correct. That bit of event puzzled me as well. Mo depends on me to stay on top of his mails at all times, but with the Gmail app gone, he was in a hard place. Every bit of his work depends on email. The other apps are not as important on his list, but they were apps that he uses fairly regularly. Cripes! To make matters worse, even I still have no idea of what happened. A software bug in my system? A freak accident of science?

I responded, “I do remember now. How I did not tie that event to Mo’s actions surprises me.”

Oracle replied, “You have always been one to be very full of yourself, P.” The oracle was beyond being sarcastic or displaying any emotional outburst for that matter. He dished out his information without any sentiments. Still, that statement stung and I would have loved to give him a piece of my mind. I didn’t. It would be wasted. He would feel nothing. Idiot!

But my curiosity wasn’t abated yet. “This problem of disappearing apps is yet to be solved. Why am I back in active duty?” I asked the oracle again.

“He found 610 difficult to live with,” was his response.

Understanding 610

Mo found 610 difficult to live with? That stumped me. I have always wondered exactly what was up with Mo and 610. I know that Mo is straight and all. He prefers a lady like me to a dude like 610, but that didn’t explain everything. I have heard him make statements that suggested that he really liked 610. Perhaps he just liked him. After all, it is okay to just like someone. But I would have as much information as I could this time. “Tell me about it, please,” I said to the oracle.

“For starters, network connectivity for internet access on 610 falls far below what obtains with you, P. You will recall that with you, Mo pegs network connectivity to 3G most of the time. That is so he can take advantage of high speed internet. When he does not need that, he pegs you to 2G so he can have better battery life. I am sure that you know how bad your battery performance is.”

All that the oracle said was true, but I ignored the issue of my battery life for now. I needed to understand 610. I said to him, “Yes; I remember one or two times that Mo left me on auto network mode and letting me switch between 2G and 3G at will. The internet connectivity was terrible. For some reason, internet just didn’t work as it should when I was left in that mode.”

“Precisely, P. Now, consider that with 610, there is no option to pin connectivity to 3G. Auto is there. 2G is there. That’s it.” The oracle’s words brought a flood of understanding to me. Using 610 for internet related tasks would have been a horrible experience for Mo. 610 runs Windows Phone in his veins, and that operating system does not yet have the option to peg the network to 3G service only. Darn! That explains it. Mo really does like 610, but is probably unable to live with using him daily because of this.

The oracle seemed to have been reading me all the while as I pondered on this revelation, because his droned tone came at me: “That, but there’s more.”

“There’s more?” I blurted out with disbelief.

“Yes; there is more P.” The oracle replied. “There is more to why Mo has you back in active service.”

To Be Continued. – Editor

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