1. Nice one. Outlook is my back up email though i hardly ever use it (I'm all Android...Google for now), but great to know there's an alternative just in case. Thanks.


    I feel Google is playing BIG, since the android platform is doing great . It will still come down to MICROSOFT at the end of the day coz most platform still depend on them.

  3. Outlook.com is simply brilliant! Yahoo! Mail seems a decade behind, in fact, with the incessant login issues on mobile, I have decided to terminate that account. Great tutorial, though.

  4. Noni

    Mr Mo it was pretty straightforward.

    In Windows 8, the Mail option allows you to sign into a Gmail account. When signing in, you have the option of synching your Google Contacts and Calendar which I did. When I checked my Mail, Calendar and Contacts from Google had all synched with the Windows 8 apps/Live Tiles.

  5. Noni

    Mr Mo, as you are jealousing me, my Windows 8 Calendar app synched from my Google Calendar has reminded me I have something scheduled to do 😀


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