1. bosun99uk

    As much as I love phablet its painful that they are just too expensive compared to 7' Android tablets.

    Its Amazing that the line between Android flagship devices and phablet have now been blurred completely and I know the culprit is the 1080p screen, for manufactures to have 1080p screen they have to move to 5'.

    As much as I love the Xperia z, am sure I will be put away buy the battery life.

    I believe the Huawie 6.1 is to counter that Samsung 6'phone.
    The Huawie 5' is better and am sure most ppl will be able to live with the 32gb only space.

    If Intel Atom is powering the Lenovo K900, I sure want to see how powerful it can get.

    Least I forget, a minute of SILENCE for Dell Streak.

    All am waiting for is what Samsung has to offer.

    As it is now it seems the only difference between GSIV and Note 3 will be the Stylus.

  2. Harry Echemco


    No mention of HTC Droid DNA, is that not a tablet enough?

    I think the article is only concerned with those massive screen devices announced at the ongoing CES.

    The bad thing for these new phablet range being announced is that they may not have enough time to garner enough momentum when they eventually become available in the market before Samsung announce their Galaxy Note III that may be powered by their new Exynos 8 core chip that will make these competitors look under-powered.

    I think maybe Huawei and LG are among the few companies that have what it takes to really compete with Samsung because they can design and produce their own processor, but the question is, do they have the will? Samsung seem to have the market in a stranglehold and will not let go without a big fight. Well, the only other front for these guys to try prying some of the market from Samsung is through competitive pricing, but that again is an area Samsung is not doing badly either.


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