LinkedIn For BlackBerry Gets A Much Needed Makeover


If there was a third party app on BlackBerry that sucked, it was the LinkedIn app. To summarize, it looked and worked like it was developed as an afterthought. I got so frustrated with it that I deleted it and never bothered with LinkedIn on Blackberry again. Till now.

The official LinkedIn for BlackBerry app has now been completely revamped. I mean completely. It now feels like a modern app, comparable to what obtains on other smartphone platforms. This revamp has been labelled version 2.0, and the older version 1.5 app is being discontinued and will be no longer supported from December 14.


This new LinkedIn app is compatible with only BlackBerry OS 6.0.0 or higher. If you have one, go get your LinkedIn fix right away from the BlackBerry World.

In the meantime, I find the LinkedIn for Windows Phone app really sweet, and a review article is coming up soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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5 comments on “LinkedIn For BlackBerry Gets A Much Needed Makeover”

  1. deoladoctor Reply

    Nice efforts from LinkedIn. Truly improved and the app is now useful for those using LinkedIn on their phones.

    In my opinion though, you don't enjoy LinkedIn on any screen smaller than 7inch. Meaning you need at least a mini tablet to get the full advantage of this service. I may appear to be wrong to some people, but that is my personal experience with LinkedIn.


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