Mobilista Episode 32 – Spinning Out Of Control (2)

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In case you’re new to my diary, my name is Bola and I work at a local telecoms firm. Mobilista is my personal diary and usually published every weekend, and in which I share some of the stuff that I have to deal with at work, as well as the usual stuff from my personal life.


Sometimes, I feel that suddenly my life spun out of control, just the same way a perfectly normal drive around town turned into an out of control event. Perhaps I have just been lucky. For years, I had the perfect life – good health, a job that paid well and that I enjoyed, and the perfect relationship. Not many ladies want anything more than that. And I had it all. Then, without warning, everything seemed to fall apart right before my very eyes.

Besides going to work and work-related events, I have pretty much shut down my life in recent times. I haven’t gone anywhere in ages! After work, I just head home, have my meal, do my chores and hit the bed. That has been the summary of my life of recent. I am not one given to self pity. Still, this is where I was at. When Nnamdi and I parted, everything changed. Everything. Don’t ask me how it happened or what went wrong. I am past that. And honestly, its no use digging it all up again. I have accepted that it has happened. I am now trying to move on.

This morning, I woke up with a fresh desire to see the world. It felt strange, because I don’t remember anything happening to trigger this desire. The sky looked a bit more blue and the air felt fresher. So, I fixed myself a quick sandwich, showered, pulled on a simple t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans, slipped my feet into a pair of loafers lying around, picked up my purse and car keys, and jumped out. Thankfully, the last brush that I had with the car at Western Avenue resulted in only scratches to the paint of both my car and the fender of other vehicle that I hit. The man was so relieved to find no damages beyond the scratches. I wonder if he had any insurance cover on that big car. Big man, big car, big wahala.

Getting into the car this morning, I let the windows down, tuned in to my favourite radio station and zoomed off almost like the devil was on my tail. If you have followed my diary for a while, you must remember that I am no slouch behind the wheels. In my excited state this morning, I was actually afraid for myself. It is a Sunday though, and I am hopeful that I will not run into LASTMA and Road Safety officials at a wrong time.

What is behind this sudden change in my mood? I don’t know. I have given it some thought and still haven’t come up with anything. But, wait a minute! Are we not in February? Surely, it cannot be that Cupid is toying with me; can it? Before you say that I am being silly, let me upstage you and say it: “Bola, you are being silly! Cupid ko; cupboard ni!” So, I have said it, but I am not backtracking. This is all the sanity that I have now, and I will hold on to it till something more sensible comes up. Perhaps I shall find love again this month. One thing is sure – I am not likely to find it sitting at home. I haven’t logged in to Facebook and Twitter in ages too, and I don’t intend to go there yet, so don’t tell me about finding love online from the comfort of my home. Anyways, I am thinking that I should be on the lookout for a valentine’s day event to attend. No point sitting at home that weekend.

Anyway, I did all my driving today all the way to Eleko and back without running into anyone or anything or getting into trouble with the law. I really enjoyed the fresh air caressing my head and upper body all through the drive. That is the beauty of driving out of the city. The air is so, so fresh and nice. On my way back, I stopped over at Elegushi beach in Lekki, and what a surprise it was! I don’t remember the last time that I was there, but I got there this morning to find all manner of structures with lounges and bars – all baring fancy names – bubbling there. When I arrived, there was already a good-sized crowd, but then things kept building up and by 3 PM the place was fairly filled up. The car park had only Motorbike space left as at the time that I left around 5 PM! I didn’t do any dancing or playing in the water or horse riding. I sat through the whole period. I sat and watched different scenes enacted here and there. That was one better than sitting alone at home, I guess. I enjoyed watching people have fun in their different ways.

The meal of barbecued spiced fish, chips and salad wasn’t half bad either. How anyone manages to finish the monstrous fish that is served in that joint beats me. On a normal day, I wouldn’t have finished it. But who said today was normal? Here I am believing that Cupid is messing around with me. Nuts! By the way, don’t we have any love gods and goddesses in Nigerian tribal cultures? I went to bed last night numb and woke up with my hormones raging. No; today is not a normal day. So, there I was finishing the huge meal. I wonder if my tummy is still going to act up later today or tomorrow. Oh, well. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Right now, I am just glad to feel alive once again! have a great week, peeps. I am going to have one myself.

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