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    For me OLX is actually the best of the lot in terms of speed of transaction. I have friends who have both sold and bought items from PS games to cars.

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    Belushi says:

    I have sold four devices online. The on olx and the last on Google trader. The olx drew the largest attention. My ads usually get up to 300 viewers. The fastest was the Samsung galaxy 10.1.sold it in 4 days after listing. Just arm yourself with good bargaining power and you will get good value for your device. Also, ensure you meet at a public place for the exchange. I use shopping malls.

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    Sogo says:

    Some dubious nigerians are using above platforms to defraud fellow nigerians.my question is,how do u recognise a real buyer or seller?

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    ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Congrats bro….let’s share the money..lol, I haven’t sold any gadget online before, but I am very conversant with peeps who have, plus Nairaland is complicated for me, I have always wanted to create ads for services I offer on the websit but to no avail. I visited olx just once, will check out tradestarters soon

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    chyka ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Ahaa, now you have to help sell mine. I have two phones up for sale right now. (Mr Mo take note please) A 9900 Blackberry and an Iphone 4. Thnx

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    ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    First device I sold online was my Kindle on Google Trader. We arranged a meeting at Abuja and I sold it at a good price.

    2nd device was my HP Touchpad. I was contacted via twitter and I posted the device to Port Harcourt.

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    I see myself as a veteran at that, lol, I always change my devices every few months so I put things up for sale regularly.
    Nairaland technology market, Olx.com.ng and tradestable.com are particularly effective for me.
    I’ve never used Google trader though.

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      charles omoruyi says:

      I have been having issue with olx. I created account filled the available space provided on the form uploaded. The object I want to sell. Posting my ad is the problem since 2014.I keep getting this msg http error 503 service unavailable bla blla bla pls can anyone help me on how I can sell my bronze cast of over 40yrs. 08071606250. Charles

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