1. I have been browsing all day here with my Glo and it has been rocking fine. Guess the problem is with your location.

    The "sharing" and "gifting" features are so cool. I now use the same bundle on my PC and iPad without wifi and cables. The "data roll over" makes alot of sense too.

    Can't wait to get mine because of the freebies oo.

  2. Belushi

    Glo used to be my favourite Internet service provider back in the days. But since their downfall like two years back, I am yet to see them back on their feet. Every now and then I subscribe to their data plan just to check if they have improved, but sadly its still the same terrible data speed in my location, Aguda Surulere.
    Same with all the other networks. This is why I got swift last weekend and been having fun using it. I wonder why glo with all their glo1 cable claims can't provide far reaching high speed Internet service.

  3. Austine Ezemelue

    To ensure you get 3G speed set your network option to WLAN only.
    The 200MB data package is not shareable
    Your inability to browse might be because you do not have any credit available in your account.

    I've been using the service now for close to a month and the experience has been good from Ojota to Ketu to Ikorodu. I'm sharing a 7.5GB package with 3 other glo lines.

  4. Harry Echemco

    60MB in 10 minutes is not entirely bad, but the bolt tag is probably used to drive sales, not that it is bringing anything new in terms of speed to the Glo network.

    On the 5th of this month, I downloaded a file worth 753.2MB on Airtel's network in 41 minutes and 12 seconds and I believe I would have downloaded same file in about half that time using Etisalat's network, that's going by my lasts experience with the network some 4 months ago.

  5. I too used to use Glo for data religiously about two years ago until their quality of service dipped beyond measure at my location. Still Lammy i won't mind if you share your data with me oh. Nice post explaining your experience too

  6. @lammy,

    Network stability is a big issue with our carriers in nigeria. Nothing you can do about that other than just complain and grumble. NCC is not helping the matter.

    As regards the tarrif, seems like Glo is operating two different tarrifs and closing to reveal any of the two as it seems convenient for them. You quote 200mb/N1000 and a 30% bonus bringing it to 260mb. That is a lie by Glo because their new *127*53# gives you 260mb for N1000. They should base their 30% bonus on the new tarrif.

  7. ebunma

    I kept on telling friends, if you are tired of MTN internet leave internet alone cos others will dissapoint you, I have tested all includind the CDMA's the only one that is better is MTN...the one that call it Easyblaze started well is now Easysnail. Where is the Bolt? Is it not the same former network? A beg...

  8. Ayodele

    Personally, all there is to these names is strictly marketing of products. Whether it is called bolt, ashafa powell, eazyblaze, or whatever, all na packaging just to deceive the unsuspecting public. After all, isn't it the same network structures the new names will work on. Like Ebunma opined, 'abeg' make we hear word.

  9. Can't stop LOL with all these comments, I actually intend to unlock the modem to make it flexible for me to use with other networks, GLO has actually been fair to me on the blackberry side sha...MY modem is now connecting after calling 444

  10. emmaedeh

    Great information. thanks. i called customer care and it was confirmed to me i could only share a data plan worth NGN5000 and above. i think its fair.

    the networks of all gsm providers are strong and poor depending on location. Airtel works for me at ijaiye, once i return to home i have no network at all in agungi and have to resort to Glo or etisalat which is very strong. i left MTN a long while ago, lets just say i was overly abused, i committed a lot to the relationship but they broke my heart into smithereens. i aint going that route no more.

    looking forward to MNP.

  11. Obus.boss

    I live in Warri, Glo internet speed here is the bomb,and also very efficient.I am enjoying this Bolt,so sad it's a different story for the writer.

  12. This GLO BOLT is really USELESS here in OGBA LAGOS. My GLO BOLT do disconnect almost every 2 minutes, i don tire ooooo. i uninstalled all the other modems on my system and its still the same problem.

  13. These mobile networks need to revamp their data charges, not just the name and speed.
    Look at what airtel is doing - Giving 1GB for 1200 Only.
    Glo and others are still offering 250MB for 100.

    Most users have all the sim cards and will go where the grass is greener. Not buying this package till its better than Airtel.

    • Briggs,

      The question of greener grass isn't only about cost. Airtel 3G is non-existent at my end. What is mostly available is GPRS/EDGE. My wife complains of their crappy BIS service every day. I tried out their EDGE service recently, and you can guess how frustrating it is.

      It doesn't matter how cheap Airtel makes their data service, it is the worst that I have experienced among all the four GSM networks since 2002. The Airtel grass isn't green for me at all. I will rather pay much for a service that I can actually use.

  14. jimoh pet

    None of them is preferred to the other. Its about location where you are, the whether, ipad/system/phone and what have you. We will keep managing till NCC comes to the matter.

  15. Nasiru

    you downloaded 60mb in 10 mins, I downloaded 141mb [Merlin] in less than 10 mins with speed over 400kb/s. Best network ever used

  16. @herr_brightside

    I got this glo bolt , been having issues , it won't work on my new windows 7 laptop (even my neighbours windows 7) , but it works fine on my old IBM (with windows XP)

  17. Ade

    If we consider availability of service, glo is very good. Bt cost wise, airtel is better. And also considering maximum flexibility, airtel is stil ok cos its data service cn b used on any phone(BB inclusive), ipad, etcs, as well as modems. So its left 2 u 2decide which will benefit u more. But as we all knw, 'availability of service' always wins the vote.

  18. thomas

    I don't use glo anymore. i have unlocked my sim and migrated.After tasting Airtel's service , that NEVER disconnects I cant go back to glo . I dont think they are a serious company.

  19. Isaac_o

    Sirh!! i am speechless!! i reserve my comment till i try other network providers data plans....but i've tried glo, mtn & etisalat....

  20. Oluyide Motopeda

    As far as am concerned it depends on ur location...Airtel was the fastest i usually use use before but as from the time and day hav relocated airtel as been the worst,and now Glo is now the best for me and its rockin jst like bolt.

  21. Anonymous

    Glo network is extremely poor for downloading. The Glo engineers you need to work very hard or leave glo's job. Thanks


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