My take on Kanye West’s rant against in-app purchases for kids

This morning, I checked my Twitter timeline and saw a series of interesting tweets from one of my favorite rappers, Kanye West.

Here are the tweets in question:

Kanye North West

From all indications, it appears baby North West was playing games on Daddy’s iPad, and she’s making lot’s of in-app purchases. You can imagine how much (probably thousands of) dollar purchases made, that forced Daddy to vex and rant on Twitter :mrgreen:

Let’s look at this critically. Are there any games specifically meant for kids? If there are, should they or should they not have in-app purchases?

There are many sides to this case. We know it takes lots of time and effort for developers to create apps and surely, they deserve some reward. For these apps (meant for kids) to have in-app purchases there are always cases of using daddy’s or mummy’s money without their consent.

Considering how addictive these games can be, kids can go a long way to spend more than they bargained for. On the other hand, there should be a form of parental control in place. This should prevent your kids from making purchases when using your gadgets. Most especially for situations like this.

Daddy Kanye should take a chill pill. North West wants to “touch the sky” like daddy 😆



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