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Need To Replace My Nokia 603’s Display


I use a Nokia 603. A few weeks ago, it fell down and the glass on the display got broken without affecting the LCD. So I took it to Nokia care office in Ibadan where I was told it would cost me N15,000 to replace. The lady who attended to me said the cost is the same whether or not the LCD was damaged. I was really shocked. I have never run into such a high cost for any Nokia display in my life. I had to collect my phone from the lady without even uttering a word.

One of the reasons why I have always loved Nokia phones is due to the fact that their spares are cheap and easy to obtain in comparison to other phones I have used. In this case, it is clearly a different matter. For now, I have to keep using my phone with its glass broken and hope that it won’t fall once again to the extent that its LCD is affected. But what do you expect? I have been treating it like an egg from the moment I heard the price.



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