1. olumide

    If the Govt is sure of additional 10M farmers (subscibers) to the GSM telcos,then why cant they convince the network operators to give them the phones for free?
    10M additional subscibers will result in a big leap in the Telcos revenue.

  2. cece

    As a mobile money operator, I should be happy ordinarily that my industry is being deepened for a wider reach. But this urgent conclusion to distribute N10m phones worth about N60b is so worrisome.
    Where did they get the database of genuine farmers? Is low end phones that costly that farmers can't afford them?
    What of revisiting the Land use act that makes acquisition of Land (main capital) near impossible?
    This billions will surely end up in few bank accounts while farmers are left wondering and wandering

  3. Noni

    Why do we seem remotely surprised at this? This is the same Federal Govt who, during the removal of fuel subsidy crisis, dashed the nation of 36 states and of approx 140 million people about 16 passenger vans to "alleviate" the burden.

    Where did the figure of 10 million come from? Who qualifies and how do they?

    Questions we will never get the answer to - Same old same old.

  4. mobile phones practically cost nothing to own, with as little as 3000 one can purchase a phone, these people at the helm are just looking for ways to plunder the oil money and as for the aeroplane thing, why? if an airliner is serious then they should be able to purchase aeroplanes via bank loans.
    our government has a history of not been able to manage anything properly


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