Its Official: WhatsApp updates with the ‘middle finger’ emoji and other features


Sometime ago we reported that WhatsApp now has the middle finger smiley. Oh well, it’s official now, and that’s not all. You can now lower data usage during WhatsApp calls , you can also mark chats as read or unread. These features have been around for a while now but was only available for download … [Read more…]

Sigh. This HTC phone is a rip-off of the iPhone 6

HTC Aero iPhone 6

Apple fans must be tired of seeing Android manufacturers pulling off rip-offs of their darling iPhones. Samsung achieved some success with it – albeit short-lived. Xiaomi pulled it off as well. And let’s not mention the army of nameless brands (if that makes any sense) who ape Apple every year. Well, if the new leaks … [Read more…]

Five outstanding things about the Lumia 830 and one that sucks

Windows 10 mobile on Lumia 830

The Nokia Lumia 830 can be described as a “budget flagship” running Windows Phone OS. It is not the most powerful or most expensive Windows Phone smartphone out there. But it provides a well rounded experience of what Microsoft’s ecosystem has to offer. Here are five things that I love about it and one that … [Read more…]

Budget Nexus Redefined!! : The Infinix Hot 2 Review

Infinix Hot 2 - Android One - Lagos

The Infinix Hot 2 is a device that has gained lots of (international) recognition, far more than its peers and predecessors. This was championed by the partnership between Google and Infinix to launch this device as part of the former’s Android One project in Africa. This is practically the more affordable version of the ever … [Read more…]

Here is what NCC says about stopping unsolicited text messages from operators

spam SMS

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has stated that they have directed all mobile network providers to provide an opportunity for subscribers to opt out of any service provided. This includes unsolicited SMS. According to the NCC, the opt out should be as simple as sending ‘STOP’ or ‘DEACTIVATE’ in an SMS to the short code … [Read more…]

What it is like dropping the Nexus 6 for the Infinix Hot 2

Nexus 6 to Infinix Hot 2

Having used the Motorola Nexus 6 as my daily driver for a few months, the arrival of the Infinix Hot 2, the first Android One smartphone for Africa, threw up an interesting question: What would it be like going from a N100,000 flagship running stock Android to a sub-N20,000 budget smartphone running exactly the same … [Read more…]

Poll: If Android succumbs today, which platform would you shift to?


Android OS has steadily grown leaps and bounds to become the most popular mobile smartphone platform in the world. Google pushing it, and it’s open source nature, has driven lots of research, development and a plethora of innovations. Currently it boasts of over 1 billion users worldwide. The world has adopted Android so much, such … [Read more…]

Guess why this guy is ditching Infinix Zero 2 for Infinix Hot 2

Infinix Zero 2 for Hot 2

Taj is a smartphone enthusiast. He is dropping his Infinix Zero 2 for the Hot 2, and here’s why: Ditching the infinix zero 2 for the Hot 2 all because of stock android on the hot 2 cc @Gidi_Traffic cc @moverick. — Mobile Tech News (@taj_sagay) August 24, 2015 Are you a fan of … [Read more…]

What to do if your Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera is defective

Apple iPhone 6 Plus iSight camera

The bad news is that some iPhone 6 Plus cameras are producing blurry photographs, and yours may be included. The good news is that Apple is replacing defective cameras free of charge. You can go to any Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store to have the defective device replaced. You do need to … [Read more…]