1. enessy

    WoW! WoW!! WOW!!! Nokia I think I just got myself my xmas gift, lemme start saving for this amazing unbeleivable devices, I'm so happy for nokia's resurection. *smiles*

  2. Harry Echemco

    The charging technology is going to impress so many people. It has a lot of convenience associated with it. No fiddling with charging ports and things like that.

    I do hope they are going to incorporate some intelligence into the system with time, like the charger knowing when a device is within charging range or when lifted and stopping power conversion. Also, the efficiency of the system will be another thing.

    Can you investigate the duration of the time it will take to charge the phone with wired and then the wireless charging systems.

  3. Achimba

    Nice technology,had doubt when I first heard about wireless charging but seeing the pictures leaves no doubt on my mind any more.nice Job mr Mo

  4. bosun99uk

    The wireless charging that will WOW me is one that enables me to plug an accessory to the wall and it automatically connects to my phone and charges it when the phone is within a defined range/distance.

    Good Start.

  5. jujukemist

    comeback next year, and you will find a phone charging by wireless induction proximity.
    Dont forget we already charge by shaking(induction sphere charging. maybe galaxy 4 or an Lg top notch

  6. Good job, but nokia need to do better than this in their next devices because Apple is planning to use electro-magnetic fields to enable their devices charge wirelessly metres away and as usual patent the technology as their own.So watch ur back when you innovate ,as the fruit company is there to spiced it up or rebrand it and claim it for good.

  7. Cyril

    Just a quick word to say Inductive Charging has been around for a while and even the Late Palm Devices like the Palm Pre 3 had it...

  8. michael99uk

    @Abubakar Mahmud we all know about '' electro-magnetic fields to enable their devices charge wirelessly metres away'' the problem with that technology is that ten years latter we will all have cancer GOD for bid.electro-magnetic fields are harmfull to humans unless they find another way arround it thats yyy no one is using it


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