Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Reborn With ICS


The much-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update for Samsung Galaxy S II is already out, though it isn’t available to every device yet.

As at last night when I checked, it wasn’t available for mine yet too.

Has anyone around here updated their device with the official release? If yes, can we know your location and what you think of your new device?

Yes; in all probability, your SGSII will feel like a new device once ICS gets on it!

So tell us what’s cool about Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S II.


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  1. jikong1

    Updated mine yesterday manually through The facial unlock works but not relevant in the night though, it’s still on development. Googletalk and yahoo messenger seem to have some issue of yesterday. Generally, the fluidity has been enhanced.
    Note: Before updating through using ordin3, download “App backup and restore” and “SMS backup and restore” to backup your apps and sms.

  2. Afewgoodmen

    Great! The ICS is what makes Android very compelling. Nicer UI and better system management. A great one from Google and Samsung.

  3. bosun99uk

    Sweet ICS.

  4. belushi

    I flashed the European version XXLPQ using Odin two days ago. Not much changes to.TiuchWiz UI but as you go deeper, you’ll start experiencing some of the ICS goodness. The contacts, email, task manager/multitasking, face-unlock feature, data manager, browser e.t.c have all been improved upon. I wasn’t going to wait till Samsung provides the update for our region. So I went on to download the firmware, connect my phone to Odin and flash away. The coolest part was that it didn’t wipe anything. I backed up though, but eventually didn’t need to restore anything. All my apps, data and settings were in place. After the update, Android market (sorry, play store) prompted that I update certain apps. Stock apps came updated. Gmail, maps and google talk are so much better now. I can make video chat/calls with google talk now. ICS is butter smooth and I think more battery efficient. Some users online are reporting up to 40% more battery life over gingerbread.

    The email app makes mailing joyous. The way it displays mails and attachments. Several options with editing mails and sharing. The browser is also faster but the new chrome browser (which can only be installed on ICS) is the bomb! I have never used a browser so good before in my life. Everything about the chrome browser is superb. The tab function is out of this world. The speed is killing. Even while I was browsing using edge only, it could almost compete with opera mini. Considering the display quality and content rendering, its amazing. Was initially not enthusiastic while downloading the 17mb file, but got blown away.

    The ICS keyboard is far better than the gingerbread keyboard. It seperates joined words and very responsive. I am to try the speech to text though but looking forward to some.improvements there too.

    If I discover anything else, will inform you guys.

  5. Mark

    See temptation oh. Chai.

  6. veritas1506

    Though ICS update is slow on roll out, nonetheless a refreshing upgrade!

  7. belushi

    The upgrade is like having a brand new galaxy s3. Everyday I keep discovering something new. The new browser has a mode that improves battery efficiency by changing the white colours on your browser to black and the lettering to white. Its called inverted rendering. This lowers the percentage battery usage assigned to screen greatly.

  8. ICS is off the hook guys, it’s more intuitive, easy to use, fluid, I’ve not set up facial recognition, buy i hear it’s good, if u haven’t updated your andriod device to ics u r missing lots, gtalk is now with voice n video calls, swype works so much better, its a must have… Google and Android mmmmmuah

  9. These are appetising comments! I’m licking my lips already, whilst waiting for my serving of Ice Cream Sandwich. :-p

  10. belushi

    @oluniyi, why wait when you can have it now? Just download the file. Download Odin. Place your phone in download mode, connect to Odin on your desktop, click PDA and choose the tar file, then click start and let it do its thing. That’s all.

  11. Jeez! You all are making me smack my lips. Oh lawd.

    I am eager to see how the new email app is rendered. I am an email junkie–I send and receive lots of emails on the go. Can we get a screen shot of the email look? @Belushi

    Almost can’t wait for my unlimited data, the only reason I’m not on Android at the moment. Plus the email UI–2.3–sucks.

  12. belushi

    I wish I can paste here a screen shot of the email app. But guess I can’t. Its lovely. I have just discovered how cool the voice recogniser is. I usually don’t dig all those voice inputs as they are not optimized for our Nigerian English pronunciation. With the popularity of siri,google have since stepped up their game in that area. I have tried the voice input on the ICS and i must say, its close to perfection. I was in traffic this evening and doing little chat on whatsapp. Just thought I should try out the voice input… it worked almost flawlessly. Of like 7 sentences, I only had to correct two words. It will only get better from here.
    The battery life is amazing too. I used to use juice defender on my gingerbread. I have since uninstalled it as its not needed anymore.

  13. belushi

    @jesse, I will send you the screen shots through your google+.

  14. computer

    Just updated mine via Odin Friday afternoon.
    I must say, am so impressed.
    The change logs are so much.

  15. Forte spy

    ICS 4.0.3 for SGS 2 is officially out on kies for this region…

    download kies 2.3.0

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