Why it is important to clear your browser history

Browser History

A few years ago, a story broke out on the Internet, where a certain presenter was demonstrating how students in Illinois, USA could get juvenile offenses expunged from their records. The presenter used his/her phone. During the demonstration, someone happened to notice a link to popular adult site PornHub in the presenter’s browser history. Well, you can imagine how embarrassing that turned out to be for the presenter. The moral of that story is this: if you have anything you would not want anyone to see in your browser history,…

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Quick tip: See how Chrome for Android can work as a file manager

Chrome mobile app for Android incognito mode

It’s funny, we use use stuff without knowing the many hidden function they have. Take for instance, one of our favorite Android browsers, Google Chrome. Earlier this year, we discovered an interestingly addictive dinosaur game on it. Now, here’s another discovery. Google Chrome browser for Android devices could actually work as a mini file manager. How does this work? Its simple: Go to the address bar and type file:///sdcard/ and send it. It immediately open your memory card, then from there you can browse through and see your files. I was able…

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