Mobile data control app Triangle released in the Philippines


Google has released an app that aims to control mobile data usage per application. This app is known as Triangle, and right now it is only available in the Philippines. Apparently, the app is targeted at prepaid subscribers in the country, who can usually only purchase a certain amount of data. the mobile carriers offer unlimited data, but these offerings are often throttled when the user exceeds a daily threshold. Therefore, users would likely benefit from controlling the background data usage of their apps. To set up the service, users…

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Turn your smartphone into a dash cam for your car

Dash cam

A dash cam is a camera that sits on the dashboard of your car and constantly records video. This device is quite popular in companies where a lot of people commit insurance fraud. In places like this, drivers can use dash cams to prove that their insurance claims are legitimate. Furthermore, you could use footage from a dash cam to prove your innocence in a traffic incident. Also, you can use the device to capture interesting footage of things that happen on the road. You do not have to shell…

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Here are some phone pranks to play on your friends

Phone pranks

If you enjoy pulling pranks on your friends, then you might want to check this out. There are pranks you can pull on your friends using their smartphones. The possibilities are endless. However, remember that every good prank comes with retribution. Also, note that these phone pranks can be played on you too. Here are a few phone pranks you can pull on your friends: TALKBACK PRANK This is one of the most annoying phone pranks, and it is quite hilarious to watch if you are not the victim. Android…

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Tips and tricks on how to use Waze, the popular driving app


Waze is one of the most popular driving apps around. This is because it selects the best route for your trip, based on distance and road conditions, thanks to the information provided by its community. Waze allows you to avoid unexpected traffic jams and save you time. Here are 5 tips on how to use Waze: CHOOSE THE BEST ROUTE The app automatically gives you the shortest journey time, based on its calculations (road, traffic, road works etc). This means that the app can sometimes suggest a longer route in…

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Link your other accounts to Instagram, gain 1,000 followers

Instagram offensive comments filter

Did you know that it is possible to gain more than 1,000 followers on your Instagram account by simply linking your other social media accounts? It is really easy to do, and it is one of the easiest ways to gain more than 1,000 followers on Instagram. Well, you can get more than that, and you can get less. It depends on how many followers you have on your other social media accounts. When you do this, it alerts your friends, family and other people on your lists for them…

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Socratic brings you math answers from pictures


There are a lot of apps that help us learn. However, there is an app that takes learning a step further. Socratic aims to be an app that help students with their homework.  But this time, anyone who has a question can simply use the app to find the answer. All you need to do is open the app and snap a picture of the question. The app presents you with an answer wither from Yahoo or Wikipedia, and thus saves you the effort of typing out your query on…

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Seek Adventure App borrows from Pokemon Go

Seek Adventure App

Pokemon Go was a huge hit last year. The viral game was able to do what many other mediums, including the doctor, largely failed to do: get people outside. All of a sudden, people were gathering in large groups in locations where they did not usually congregate. The aim of the game was to get people outdoors, and it was a rousing success. Now, other platforms are attempting to do something similar. Seek Adventure App plans to take things further than that. This app uses geo-location based gaming to engage…

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GrammarPal, a Nigerian-developed grammar checker app


Typing in English is not as easy for some people as it is for others. Luckily, on desktop there are several tools to check for grammatical mistakes and other errors we make while typing. However, mobile devices do not have such options. Therefore, apps that correct your grammar are quite useful. One such app is GrammarPal. This is a grammar monitor app developed by Nigerian software developer Kizito Nwose. This app is different from the default spellchecker on your smartphone, which does nothing more than point out your spelling mistakes.…

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EyeEm Selects helps you sort through your old plotos easily

EyeEm Selects

When your smartphone begins to run out of space, it is time to start deleting some of your old photos. However, you might not want to delete all of them, and in fact some of them might be too good to lose. Photo app EyeEm has a new feature, called EyeEm Selects, which picks out your best photos so you don’t delete them. This feature is also useful for sorting out photos you might want to put on social media. EyeEm is mostly a place where photographers sell their photos.…

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Block ads and save battery on your Android with DNS66


Almost everyone who has used an Android smartphone has at one point or another lamented the presence of non-stop ads. Whether you are playing a mobile game or checking out an app, there are ads almost everywhere. This gets really frustrating. Most people resort t rooting their smartphones in order to stop it. However, if you do not want to root your phone, you can still enjoy an ad-free Android experience. Just install an app called DNS66. This app makes use of Android’s VPN system to block ads. This app…

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