Push-starting a car: How it works, and what to do

push-starting a car

There are several things that an make your car not start when you turn on the ignition. These could include a blown ignition fuse, a bad battery, a damaged starter motor, a poorly operating starter and so many other factors. Whatever the case may be, you can start a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission even if you do not have access to a set of jumper cables. Most times, this involves push-starting the car. Here’s how to do it: Turn on the ignition Engage the clutch; put into gear:…

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How to tell if you car has failing ball joints

failing ball joints

Ball joints are an important suspension component found on virtually all modern vehicles. The ball joint is a spherical bearing in a socket, which serves as one of the main suspension pivot points connecting the control arms of the vehicle to the steering knuckles. Now, the front ball joints allow the front wheels and suspension to move back and forth as well as up and down when the steering wheel is turned and the vehicle is travelling over the road. It is, therefore, an important component of the car, and…

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How to know when it’s time to change your car’s air filter

car air filter

Every internal combustion engine requires air in order to work. Without it, fuel does not burn and provide the force needed to deliver power to the engine. This air has to be clean, otherwise dust and debris will foul up the engine. These unwanted elements reduce engine performance, wear down metal components and reduce the lifespan of your car. This is why your car needs an air filter. From the time you start your car till the time you turn it off, your air filter is always working. It delivers…

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Some causes of car fires you should be aware of

car fires

Fire is a good, servant, says an age-old adage, but a bad master. However, there are places where you wouldn’t want fire to be master or servant. One example of such a place is your car. Automobiles are prone to catching fire, due to some factors like the fuels and the electrical components. Understanding the causes of car fires can help you prevent a fire outbreak in your car, which would be quite an uncomfortable situation for any occupants of the vehicle. Here are some causes of car fires: ELECTRICAL…

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Tips to keep your car safe on flooded streets

Car on flooded streets

When it rains heavily in some places, the streets get flooded. Sometimes vehicles get trapped in the floods, and this poses a serious danger to the engines and electrical components of the vehicles. Also, the passengers in the vehicle are at risk. Therefore, when it rains you should try to pick the driest route possible for your trips. But in case you get trapped on flooded streets, follow these instructions to keep your car from suffering too much damage: Switch off all the electrical appliances in the vehicle. This is…

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