Beware: Glo’s All Purpose Data Pack is not what it sounds like


Glo Nigeria advertises their “All-Purpose Data” pack as having no restrictions and urge you to use it as you want. Well, feel free to use it as you want – for email, downloads, videos or whatever. However, you will soon find out that there are restrictions. The data pack is advertised without the mention of any data cap on the three available options. However, there are data limits. Trust us here at; we tried it out for ourselves. Consider the 7-day pack costing N200. I dialled *127*56# to subscribe…

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Audio Podcast: The state of mobile internet in Nigeria in 2015

In this audio podcast, Mister Mobility takes a look at the prevailing quality of service of mobile internet services in Nigeria in 2015. His verdict isn’t very good. Download or stream the 4-minute podcast: The state of mobile internet in Nigeria in 2015. Get helpful information about mobile internet and mobile technology in general on the Mobility Quick Facts page. We appreciate your feedback, so do post your comments below. Loading…

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Mister Mobility says goodbye to Glo

Glo logo

For close to two weeks now, as soon as I get within vicinity of my residence, Glo network signal disappears from my line. That means that in my own home, I have been unreachable via voice and SMS, and I am unable to use Glo HSI. If I need to make a call on my line, I have to drive about 10 minutes outside of my home to do so. The last time I checked, that kind of thing happened way back in the early 2000s. Yes; in 2001, I…

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GloMobile recharge – Rule or Ruin your world?

glo recharge card

Have you ever purchased a mobile recharge card and while scratching it to reveal the airtime PIN, ran into trouble? You have? Awesome! You’re not alone. This used to be a common occurence on almost all the mobile networks in the past. Thankfully, many of them have addressed the issue and you don’t have to approach the scratching of your card with “fearful trepidation” as someone expressed their morbid fear of scratching Glo recharge cards yesterday. Yes; Glo. GloMobile is probably the last of the GSM dinosaurs to fix the…

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A Bizarre Experience at a Gloworld Customer Outlet


A few days ago, I was at a gloworld outlet around my house to file a complaint about my line not getting the free internet data bonus on recharge as GloMobile advertised. Something intriguing happened while I was being attended to by a customer care agent whom I would like to call Miss Bo. Miss Bo asked me what my complaint was then I told her that I don’t get my free internet data after recharging my line with N200 and above. Loading…

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