Google Search Lite to launch in places with poor network

Google search lite

Google Search is pretty much the biggest search engine on earth now. However, there are some places where it simply does not reach, which include hard-to-reach places and places with poor internet connections. As a result of this, Google has begun testing a light version of its Search app for such places. This app is known as Search Lite, and right now it is only available for download in the Play Store in Indonesia. Search Lite does mostly the same thing as its bigger Search app. Basically, users can search…

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Gmail for iPhone now has anti-phishing check

gmail anti-phishing check

In May, there was a phishing scam making the rounds on Gmail. However, Google acted fast to shut it down before it caused too much damage. A little while later, the company added an extra security measure to Gmail for Android that flags shady links in messages, which could try to carry out such a phishing scam. Now, Google has added the same anti-phishing check to Gmail for iOS. Here’s a statement from Google on the subject: “Going forward, when you click on a suspicious link in a Gmail message…

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You can now share YouTube videos without leaving the app


YouTube recently announced a new addition to its app, which makes it easier to share videos. Now, you can direct-message any video you watch on the site to family and friends through private conversations. Before this, users had to copy and paste the link for YouTube videos into other messaging platforms. However, this has ended. Also, you can continue the conversation you started, send emojis, reply to someone’s video with another video, and invite others to join the group chat. All your conversations can be accessed in a new tab…

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YouTube Music soon to allow offline listening

YouTube Music

Google recently announced a major upgrade to YouTube Music. Now, users will be able to download songs, albums and playlists for offline listening. This is not the first time that users can download music on YouTube Music, though. Previously, users could download music through the offline mixtape feature. This was automatically created based on your listening history, and it meant that you had little control over what you downloaded. Now, saving songs for offline listening is much easier. All you need to do is tap on the menu icon next…

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Google Trusted Contacts now on iOS

Google Trusted Contacts

Google’s Trusted Contacts app, which allows friends and family to request each other’s location, now has an iOS version. This app was originally released on Android in December 2016 exclusively for Android. Now that the app is on iOS too, emergency contacts can now check in on users no matter the device they’re using. In addition to the iOS release, Google has made a few additions to the Trusted Contacts service. Now, users have the option to control how quickly their location is shared. This is particularly useful for people…

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Google releases new features to block malicious plugins

google malicious plugins blocking

Google is making it harder for people to unsuspectingly install malicious plugins on their devices. Recently, the company announced new changes to the way Google services handle plugins, adding new warnings for users and a more involved verification system for apps. This results in more scrutiny on apps plugging into Google services, and more active involvement from Google when an app seems suspicious. A few months ago, Google Drive users fell victim to a phishing worm masquerading as an invitation to collaborate as a document. This plugin was not controlled…

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Mobile data control app Triangle released in the Philippines


Google has released an app that aims to control mobile data usage per application. This app is known as Triangle, and right now it is only available in the Philippines. Apparently, the app is targeted at prepaid subscribers in the country, who can usually only purchase a certain amount of data. the mobile carriers offer unlimited data, but these offerings are often throttled when the user exceeds a daily threshold. Therefore, users would likely benefit from controlling the background data usage of their apps. To set up the service, users…

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Blu and Cyanogen team up against Google


Yank out Play Store, Chrome, Google Drive, Google Search, Google Music, Google Now, and Google Maps from Android OS. Then replace those with Amazon’s app store, the Opera Web browser, Cortana for voice assistant, Bing for search, Nokia Here for maps, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive for cloud storage and Spotify for music. What you get is supposedly a more open version of Android OS. Blu is a Miami-based OEM. The CEO of Blu has been quoted as saying (source): “When these other apps [listed above] are deeply integrated into the…

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