Google introduces peer group analysis to scan for malware

google malicious plugins blocking

Google is using a new technique to hunt down potentially malicious apps on the Play Store before they have any chance to endanger any devices. This method is known as peer group analysis, and the company has detailed its efforts to implement this method earlier this week. Peer group analysis uses machine learning to group similar apps, then examine them for any standout differences. Here, the AI is basically looking for anything unusual for the app category, or anything that could potentially be used for malicious purposes. A good example…

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Google Maps adds accessibility details for wheelchair users

Google Maps accessibility details

For most people, getting to a place is as easy as walking right through the door or climbing stairs. However, there are millions of people worldwide who cannot walk for different reasons. Some of these people use wheelchairs. Now, Google has introduced a new way to add accessibility details about places to Google Maps and Search. If you use a wheelchair to move around, or know anyone that makes use of one, then Google Maps has a new feature that will be of use to you. Google has just made…

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300 malicious apps found in the Google Play Store

malicious apps LeakerLocker

Google Play Store is one of the safest places to get apps on the Internet. However, recently, there have been a number of unsafe apps that have come up on the Store. Recently, Security research firm eZanga found more than 300 malicious apps in the Google Play Store, which have been racking up fraudulent ad clicks. These malicious apps are estimated to have cost advertisers around $6.5 billion so far.  These apps seem to be created and submitted to the Play Store by bots. There are apps like Tuneatpea Personalization, Attunable…

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Mobile data control app Triangle released in the Philippines


Google has released an app that aims to control mobile data usage per application. This app is known as Triangle, and right now it is only available in the Philippines. Apparently, the app is targeted at prepaid subscribers in the country, who can usually only purchase a certain amount of data. the mobile carriers offer unlimited data, but these offerings are often throttled when the user exceeds a daily threshold. Therefore, users would likely benefit from controlling the background data usage of their apps. To set up the service, users…

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How to delete data from Android and PC browser history

Your apps are full of lots of information, and sometimes you do not want them seen or tracked. Here are ways to delete data from your Android devices and from your PC browser history.If you are concerned about privacy, or simply need to free space on your device, you might want to clear your caches once in a while. Therefore, it makes sense for you to be able to manage all your Google apps from one place. Open up Settings, head to the Apps manager (under More), then swipe to…

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Here are some features of Google Drive you should know

small business app Google Drive

Google Drive is a great place to back up your files. There are a lot of amazing features of the service, and some of them are not quite known by many. Here are some features of Google Drive that could prove helpful to you: REMOVE PHOTOS OUT OF RECENT VIEW If you back up a lot of photos on Google Drive, they tend to clog up the Recent view, which makes looking for other files tedious. To solve this problem, type “-jpg” in the search field. All your photos will…

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Here are some Gboard tricks you should try


If you use Google’s latest keyboard (Gboard) on Android or iOS, most likely you know the basics of how to use it. But there are some amazing features you might not have heard of, but you should try. Here are some Gboard tricks you should know: TYPE AND TRANSLATE If you ever need to say something to someone in a different language, you can use Gboard to translate your text in real time. Tap on the Google icon and tap the Translate icon, which looks like a folded piece of…

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3 reasons why iOS 11 will feel familiar to Android users

iOS 11 problems

iPhone users might gloat over Android users in terms of the iPhone’s hardware characteristics, but these days they cannot brag about superior software. In fact, Google and Apple have been optimizing their mobile operating systems, and both have become very similar. Apple’s latest version of its operating system, iOS 11, was announced recently, and it brings a host of new features with it. However, some of these features are old hat to Android users. For example, SIRI, GOOGLE ASSISTANT-STYLE Google has made some progress in terms of machine learning with…

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Ultrasonic tones could secretly be leaking your information

Android apps ultrasonic tones

When you download apps from Google Play Store, they are usually safe and free of malware. This is because Google has a stringent policy against infected apps. However, there are a lot of ways by which your apps could be leaking information about you without your knowledge. For example, your smartphone could be sending out ultrasonic tones right now, and you would not know. These tones would then get picked up by other devices, and this your information could be leaked. A research team sponsored by the German government found…

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How to set up Google Voice on your iPhone

Google Voice

Google Voice is a great app for international calls, texts and voice mail. It is not restricted to Android smartphones. Setting it up on iPhone is easy, and you can sign up for a Google number with the app. here’s how to set up Google Voice on your iPhone: Download the app from the App Store. Launch the app and tap Sign In. you need to have a Google account to sign in, though. Read and accept the terms and conditions. Tap on the Search icon and choose your city…

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