Facebook Stories to launch on desktop soon

facebook stories

Facebook Stories has been a feature of the mobile app for a while now. Now, the feature is rolling out to Facebook’s desktop site. Here, the Stories feature will not be at the top of the page, as it is on the mobile app. instead, it will be positioned at the light hand side of the screen, where it will be less obtrusive. A small question mark icon appears in the Stories module, too, which explains the feature’s purpose when you hover over it with your cursor. Facebook confirmed recently…

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WhatsApp Status has 1 billion daily users!

whatsapp status

Facebook recently announced its Q2 2017 earnings. In this announcement, the social media giant stated that the messaging app WhatsApp now boasts 1 billion daily users. WhatsApp Status, the Snapchat Stories clone, also reached 250 million daily users. Furthermore, WhatsApp users are currently sending 55 billion messages and 4.5 billion photos every day. WhatsApp currently supports 60 languages and has rapidly expanded its global user base by being free, easy to use, and having features lacking in traditional SMS. It surpassed the 1-billion-monthly-user mark in February 2016. Now, this is…

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Instagram now tells stories too; Who needs SnapChat?

Instagram Stories

Instagram has reproduced the concept of letting users create a stream of photos or videos that expire after 24 hours. Hello Instagram Stories! Instagram Stories Versus SnapChat I do not hate SnapChat. I just have not been able to use it. I have the app installed on my phone and I have a SnapChat account. It is lying dormant though. But Instagram’s new Stories feature seems more straightforward and easy to use. I have used it already this morning. Chances are that I will use it again. The Android and…

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