YouTube makes adjustments to the variable speed settings on its mobile app

Fast-forwarding or slowing down a video on YouTube used to be a complicated manoeuver. Now, the company has made a vital upgrade to the YouTube mobile app to make variable speed on video playback a bit simpler for users to understand. Changing the speed of a video involves changing how quickly the frames play. Also, it involves altering the audio. Most mobile devices do not have the necessary CPU and memory to reserve for this task. In order to slow down or speed up these video frames, the decoder has…

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Google adds HDR support for the YouTube Android app

YouTube HDR support

Google has rolled out a new update for YouTube. Now, YouTube has support for HDR on its mobile app. According to reports, this update is live, and it offers support for HDR layback at up to 1080p resolution and 60 fps when manually changing video quality. This software update was rolled out just last week, and certain Android smartphone owners noticed it and talked about it on Reddit. This YouTube HDR support takes advantage of HDR-capable mobile displays. Apparently, YouTube has not made a formal announcement about this feature yet.…

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Askedoo is a Q&A platform that should get you answers via live-streaming


Nowadays, almost everything we need to know is only a Google search away. However, sometimes you simply can’t find exactly what you are looking for within the first few search result pages, and this can get really frustrating. Now, though, there’s an app created to answer those questions you ask by way of live-streaming. This app is known as Askedoo, and it is a live-streamed Q&A video chat platform which should replace text-based Q&A websites. Askedoo was created to connect users to a community of people who can answer your…

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Create multiple windows on your phone with Split-Screen Creator

Split-Screen Creator

Have you ever felt the need to do something else while doing one thing on your smartphone? There are several ways to achieve this if you want to. This includes splitting your screen by creating a new window. However, not all phones can do this naturally. But then, if you install Split-Screen Creator, it is possible. Split-Screen Creator lets you create a shortcut for opening up two apps in multi-window mode. Now, there a few drawbacks to this app. When you launch this app, the launcher icon is still visible.…

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Duolingo creators launch learning app Tinycards


Learning can be a pretty difficult process at times. however, nowadays there are various tools to help us learn when we need to. These include various apps. One of the most popular apps for learning a new language is Duolingo, which one of the most downloaded educational apps. It is also one of the few free language apps which offer practical lessons in a variety of languages. Now, the creators of this popular and useful app have tried their hand in a new app to help people learn, known as…

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