URPower Garment Steamer eliminates wrinkles on clothes

URPower Garment Steamer

When you need to step out of the house, you would want to put on clean, nice-looking clothes. However, no matter how awesome your clothes are, wrinkles make them look really bad. If you need to make use of some clothes and yet do not want to iron them, you might want to check out the URPower Garment Steamer. This is a device that makes use of a jet of stream to eliminate wrinkles from your clothes with the hassle of having to locate the nearest ironing board. The URPower…

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Asus VivoBook W202: Low-cost laptop with Windows 10 S

Asus VivoBook W202

The Microsoft Surface Laptop came with the one-of –a-kind Windows 10 S. This was unexpected, as the operating system was judged to be below the standard for such range of laptops. In other words, Windows 10 S should be loaded on cheaper devices than the Surface laptop. That remains to be seen. However, the Asus VivoBook W202 is one device that fits the description of a Windows 10 S-worthy laptop. The Asus VivoBook W202 costs just $279, made for people with a tiny budget, and reports suggest that the device…

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Soyes 7S: For everyone who wanted a tiny iPhone 7 Plus

Soyes 7S

Almost anything looks cute in miniature, and this includes an iPhone. No, this is not the 4.5-inch iPhone of old. This is the Soyes 7S, which is about half the size of an iPhone 7 Plus. Make no mistake, though: this is not an iPhone. The Soyes 7S runs on Android, only with a user interface that looks like iOS. That must be really confusing to someone that sees the device for the first time. But the device is almost too cute for you to not at least take a…

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The next Apple Watch might have LTE connectivity

apple watch LTE

Sometime earlier this month, reports surfaced that the next Apple Watch release would include an LTE version. However, it now appears that the device will come in both an LTE version and one without LTE. Apple of course has not made any indication that the design of these Apple Watch models will be any different from previous models. In fact, it was rumored that the new Apple Watch will be in its usual two sizes, which are 38mm and 42mm. Apparently, the new models of the Apple Watch will also…

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Asus Chromebook Flip C302: More than a cheap netbook

chromebook flip c302

Chomebooks are becoming more and more popular these days. This is because they are becoming much more than just cheap netbooks. Google thinks that these devices can be your man computing device, thus recent models tend to look better and have better build quality. Asus released their own Chromebook recently. This device is known as the Chromebook Flip C302, and it was made to compete directly with Samsung’s Chromebook Pro. The Chromebook Flip C302 is not the first Flip device from Asus. However, this device is much better, with a…

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Chuwi LapBook 12.3: Looks as good as the MacBook Air

Chuwi LapBook 12.3

Apple’s MacBook Air is a pretty great laptop. Thus, it has spawned several look-alikes and copycats. However, not a lot of these copycat ultrabooks cost just $300. The Chuwi LapBook 123 is one of those that cost that little. However, this means that the device only compares to the MacBook Air in appearance. Chuwi is not quite a household name, but the company has gained some attention recently for its budget computers. These are usually low on processing power, but also have surprisingly good build quality. The specs of the…

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The TRI Analyzer can test liquid samples for disease

TRI Analyzer

Scientists have created a smartphone accessory that can test liquid samples for disease. This device, called the TRI Analyzer, costs $550, and it puts the medical testing laboratory in the palm of your hand. Researchers at the University of Illinois created the spectral-analysis device using a 3D printer and some fantastic engineering. The TR Analyzer can process samples of blood, saliva or urine using the light from your phone’s flash and the optics from your phone’s camera. Project director Professor Brian Cunningham said of the TRI Analyzer: “It is capable…

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Skin grafts could help treat Type-2 diabetes, says group

skin grafts

Researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Centre have discovered a novel way to help treat Type-2 diabetes. The research group discovered that CRISPR gene-editing therapy, administered through skin grafts, could help treat Type-2 diabetes and obesity. A paper describing the work was published n the medical journal Cell Stem Cell. According to the paper, genetically modifying glucagon-like peptide 1(GLP1), a hormone which stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin, the researchers were able to both decrease appetite and regulate blood sugar levels in mice. This work suggests that treatments for…

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How to print from an iPhone via AirPrint


Nowadays you don’t need a computer for all your basic printing needs. Your smartphone is good enough. You can print documents directly from your iPhone or iPad in no time. There are plenty of options for printing whatever you need to print, and the best inkjet printers and photo printers on the market have made the task of wireless printing from an iOS device really easy. This was achieved using Apple AirPrint functionality and a number of native and third-party apps that make use of our local Wi-Fi network for…

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Samsung Leader 8: Flip phone with flagship specs

Samsung Leader 8

Samsung recently announced a new phone. This latest device is called the Samsung Leader 8, and it has some pretty good specifications. However, you would be surprised to learn that the device is a flip phone. But then, this flip phone is almost as capable as any other flagship phone on the market. The Samsung Leader 8 features the Snapdragon 821 processor, which you would recognize as the same processor on the Galaxy S7. Furthermore, the device boasts of 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The phone also features…

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