Here’s what to do when you experience Bluetooth audio stutter

Bluetooth audio stutter

Bluetooth connectivity is now a staple for a lot of mobile devices. One of the biggest advantages of the feature is that it reduces the amount of cords we have to carry around, which is pretty vital. However, there could be times when you connect your smartphone to an audio playback device, such as a pair of headphones, and you get Bluetooth audio stutter. This can be really annoying. Anyone who uses a Bluetooth speaker or a pair of Bluetooth headphones will tell you that the connection should allow for…

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Here’s what you need to know about charging laptops with USB-C


USB-C is the latest connection available for smartphones and computers. It has been here a few years, and now it has evolved to the extent that you can now charge certain laptops through it. There are tons of smartphones and other mobile devices that you can charge via USB-C. this works well, because past USB connections had enough wattage to power smaller batteries. But previous versions of USB could only handle a limited amount of power. That is why laptop chargers have been largely bulkier than smartphone cables. All this…

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Kodak launches the Printomatic Instant Print camera for polaroid-style pictures

Kodak Printomatic Instant Print camera

Recently, Impossible Project launched the rebooted Polaroid camera, the Polaroid OneStep 2 instant camera. At the same time, camera company Kodak launched their own instant camera, the Printomatic Instant Print camera. According to Kodak, this is a contemporary camera with a wonderful balance of digital and analog technology. Once you press the shutter button on the Printomatic Instant Print camera, you get a 2 x 3-inch photo. At the same time, the camera saves a 10-megapixel image to a removable memory card. There are just two picture modes, Vibrant Color…

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Adult site Pornhub records drop in traffic during Apple iPhone X launch


The Apple iPhone reveal event caused a huge buzz all over the world. This is a yearly occurrence, as Apple tends to release a new device every year. However, this year, a particular site was affected by the event. Or so they claim, anyway. Popular adult site Pornhub claims that people were more interested in watching the iPhone launch event than watching its porn videos. According to Pornhub, there was a huge drop in traffic for the porn site during the Apple event, where the iPhone X was introduced. This…

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Check out the $395 Emporio Armani EA Connected Watch from Fossil

EA Connected Watch

A lot of tech companies are designing smartwatches. Now, it looks like other companies are joining the trend. Recently, fashion brand Armani first joined this train with the Emporio Armani EA Connected Watch. Now, the company has returned with a touchscreen version of the watch, which runs Android Wear 2.0. This new smartwatch is part of parent company Fossil’s effort to launch 300 new smartwatch options in 2017. The new Emporio Armani EA Connected Watch was first announced during the Milan Fashion Week. In appearance, it is just as good…

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