Razer might make a gaming smartphone soon

Razer gaming smartphone

Gaming company Razer is rumored to be working on a gaming smartphone to appeal to hardcore gamers. For now, that is just a rumor. However, this might actually happen in the near future, as Razer recently acquired Nextbit Systems, a smartphone startup, in January. It is quite possible that both companies are working on the project together. The gaming phone’s development will apparently be funded by Razer’s IPO in Hong Kong, with a projected company valuation of between # billion and $5 billion, according to some reports. There’s no indication…

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Google opens submissions for the Indie Games Festival

Google Indie Games Festival

Last year, Google hosted the first Indie Games Festival in San Francisco. This was a developer competition which highlighted high-quality, innovative and fun Android games released in the preceding year. Now, in preparation for the second year of the festival, Google has opened submissions for developers based in the US and Canada. The terms of qualification are the same as last year’s contest. Each participating team must have 15 or less members, and games must have been released at some point last year. Google will announce the winners of the…

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Cars: Lightning League races into the app stores

Cars: Lightning League

Disney recently released the animated movie Cars 3. Now, the company has released a mobile game based on the movie, called Cars: Lightning League. This game is a simple level based runner game. It features the popular third-person auto-running camera from Temple Run. However, in this case, it is auto-driving. The game features the protagonist of the Cars movies, Lightning McQueen. In the game, McQueen has been crowded out of the racing sport. You have to help him train in order to get back in the game as soon as…

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Ubisoft announces new game, Assassins Creed Rebellion

Assassins Creed Rebellion

Mobile game creator Ubisoft has announced a new Assassin’s Creed game for mobile devices. This game, called Assassins Creed Rebellion, lets players build an assassin brotherhood and lead a fortress in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. This strategy RPG takes you back to the 15th century, where you get to bring down evil Templars in a  secret mission that brings together more than 40 assassins. This group of assassins includes Ezio, Aguilar, Shao Jun, Claudia, Machiavelli, as well as over 20 new characters created exclusively for Rebellion. Furthermore, you can…

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If you love mobile gaming, Razer has big plans for you

OUYA Console for mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is the most profitable aspect of mobile app development and Nextbit wants to be the go-to smartphone maker for mobile gamers like you. When Razer acquired Nextbit, it probably wasn’t obvious what their game plan was. To be honest, there are a thousand and one smartphone brands out there already and Nextbit wasn’t exactly making a dent in the smartphone market in its former life. But the company has spilled the beans. Mobile gaming is their focus. Razer says that they do not see any mobile device or…

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Slither.io puts a twist on the classic Snake game

snake game slither.io

Arcade games are fun. A lot of them are wildly popular around the world. In fact, one of the most popular has gained iconic status: the Snake game. Anyone who ever used a Nokia phone in the 2000s would remember this game fondly. There’s a new version of the legendary Snake game. It is called Slither.io, and this game is slightly different from the traditional snake games. In Slither.io, you don’t avoid walls, you avoid other snakes. The objective of the game is to become the longest snake on the…

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Taylor Swift wants to make mobile games too

Every celebrity wants to cash in on the tech boom. We have seen the likes of Kim Kardashian raking in millions of dollars from mobile games. Sometime last year, Nicki Minaj and Jason Statham signed up to make mobile games too. Taylor Swift have just joined the band wagon. Glu Mobile Inc. made the announcement of the partnership. Swift  is expected to “work exclusively with Glu as part of a multi-year partnership to develop and create a new, one-of-a-kind digital gaming experience”. Niccolo de Masi, Glu Chairman and CEO, said…

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For Mobile Gamers: 4 Experiences to try

mobile gamers

I have actually played quite a handful of games on my mobile. From racers to wordplay, and I have found them all very exciting. Here are my 2 cents on which you would want to try out. Action games While the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield dominate the video game market when it comes to first person shooters, Modern Combat 5 offers a similar experience but in a mobile setting. Initially released by Gameloft all the way back in 2014, it continues to endure as one of the…

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Do you play Candy Crush? It just got bought up

Interactive entertainment outlet Activision have just acquired the company behind Candy Crush – King Digital – for a reported sum of $5.9 billion. The deal is yet to reach completion, and hasn’t been fully approved, but this and every other detail will be ironed out by 2016. Through this acquisition, the company has now become the most profitable, standalone company in interactive entertainment. Below is an excerpt from the press release. Activision Blizzard believes that the addition of King’s highly-complementary business will position Activision Blizzard as a global leader in…

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Nintendo plans to launch smartphone games starting today

To some of us that grew up in the 1990′ and  2000’s, the name “Nintendo” rings a bell. Gameboy anyone? 🙂 Ever heard of Super Mario, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokémon, Star Fox, or Super Smash Bros? All these are all franchises from Nintendo.  I was crazy about it then. Especially the Gameboy, but that would be a story for another day.   Nintendo plans to unveil its first smartphone game. The game titled Miitomo, will let players customize their Mii avatars, with which they…

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