Phone prices have gone through the roof : Check this out!!


Late last year, the value of the Nigerian Naira against the dollar was devalued. This directly affected the prices of various commodities – phones especially. We at MobilityArena predicted that prices of phones would escalate, and it already manifesting. A quick look at the Innjoo page on Jumia  shows some very incredible price hikes on … Read more

How the Naira devaluation is affecting the price of phones


In recent times the value of the Nigerian Naira against the Dollar has depreciated considerably. According to TradingEcomomics, as at December 2014 the Naira stood at N185.65 against the Dollar, while the value (as at 24th of December 2015) has risen to to N199.05. In real life scenarios, when you visit banks or black market sellers, … Read more

Debate: What defines the category of a mobile phone – specs or price?


While working on the review of the Motorola Moto G 2015, Mr Mo asked me, “Costing N36, 000 to N45,000, shouldn’t the Moto G be classified as mid-range instead of budget?” I thought otherwise. The specs is budget, but the price is steep. The price already is a disadvantage of the phone. But then again, … Read more