Phone prices have gone through the roof : Check this out!!


Late last year, the value of the Nigerian Naira against the dollar was devalued. This directly affected the prices of various commodities – phones especially. We at MobilityArena predicted that prices of phones would escalate, and it already manifesting.

A quick look at the Innjoo page on Jumia  shows some very incredible price hikes on phones. See screen shots below:


The Innjoo Halo is now priced at N21,260 while the Innjoo Fire Plus is now priced at N41,400. Formerly these phones were priced at N14,000 and N27,600 respectively. Incredible !! :mrgreen: See proof HERE.

Fire Plus

Even the likes of Infinix have slightly increased the price of their phones too. Suddenly, now is such a wrong time to buy a phone. Especially, those that like playing the waiting game. Kpele. 😛



How the Naira devaluation is affecting the price of phones


In recent times the value of the Nigerian Naira against the Dollar has depreciated considerably. According to TradingEcomomics, as at December 2014 the Naira stood at N185.65 against the Dollar, while the value (as at 24th of December 2015) has risen to to N199.05.


In real life scenarios, when you visit banks or black market sellers, you may end up getting rates ranging from N230 to N270. How does this affect the price of phones?

Generally these higher rates affects (increases) cost of importation. A phone you bought for say N20,000 in January may rise up to N25,000 now. There are many instances to name a few, and this cuts across a wide range of products – not just phones.

Look at the recently launched Gionee P5w. From the specs (HERE), it’s safe to place the cost price between N13,000 – N16,000. But then, comments from buyers on Nairaland claim the phone actually costs N19,000. You see. We might also argue that the N70,00 price tag placed on the TECNO Phantom 5 was partly due to the nature of our Dollar exchange rate. I may or may not be right.

We can only hope and pray, the situation gets better as we approach the new year. It’s also interesting to note this : In September 1980, the Nigerian Naira hit a record low of N0.53. Good old days!!


Debate: What defines the category of a mobile phone – specs or price?


While working on the review of the Motorola Moto G 2015, Mr Mo asked me, “Costing N36, 000 to N45,000, shouldn’t the Moto G be classified as mid-range instead of budget?”

I thought otherwise. The specs is budget, but the price is steep. The price already is a disadvantage of the phone. But then again, this got me thinking. Let’s looking at this from a neutral point of view : What defines the category of a mobile phone? Is it the specs or the price?


The Moto G 2015 has 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage- that’s budget in my opinion. But it also has 4G LTE, waterproof, premium build and superb camera – this is mid range, and it affects the price. We are now torn in between. Is it a budget phone or mid-range phone?

We have seen phones with really good specs priced quite low. Good examples are the Infinix Hot, or the Innjoo i1s (as at when they were released). We have also seen other phones with poor specs and quite high prices (names withheld 🙂 ). Do we now excuse the high price and call them high-end or mid-range smart phones?

Personally, I think it is the specs that determine the category of a phone. Or is it the price? :roll:

Participate in the poll, then use the comment box to tell us what you think in graphic details. Cheers.

What defines the category of a mobile phone?

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