Twitter Night Mode for desktop is coming soon

Twitter night mode

Twitter Night Mode was added a few months ago, and it has become wildly popular for people who take their smartphones to bed at night. However, a version of this feature for desktop had not been available for a while, mostly because people prefer using their phones in bed to their desktops. However, if you use your laptop in bed, then Twitter Night Mode could be coming to you soon. Already it has been spotted by a number of users. This feature is likely to be extremely welcome, enabling a…

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Save your eyesight; dim your screen with Night Mode and Dimly

Night Mode

A lot of people like to use their smartphones late at night, or when it is dark. The thing is, prolonged exposure to the bright lights of your phone screen is bad for your health. For one thing, it disrupts your sleep cycle, which is a dangerous thing. One way to reduce the effect of the bright screen on your eyes is to reduce the brightness. However, some smartphones have really bright screens, so even the lowest brightness setting is too bright. Dim it further with these two apps, Night…

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Snapshot: Night Mode on Twitter app for Android

Twitter devices

Yes. Finally, Android phones get Night Mode on Twitter app. It is odd that it took this long for the Twitter app for Android to get this feature. The Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile apps have had thus since forever. Some weeks ago, Twitter launched Night Mode on their Android app. Users that updated to the latest version testified to its goodness. I thought to update mine and see what its like. Night mode is a darker user interface used for apps and other software. This helps for ease…

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