The Vinpok Bolt cable charges all your devices

Vinpok Bolt

If you make use of several electronic devices, then you must know how annoying it feels to carry around different chargers for each device. There are several ways to make sure all our devices are charged. However, what happens if you leave one charger at home by accident? if you use the Vinpok Bolt USB Type-C magnetic cable, that should not be a problem. This is a magnetic cable designed to be a one-stop shop for charging smart devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile handsets. It does this by boosting…

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Here’s a phone that makes phone calls without battery

phone calls without battery

Phone calls are among the most important uses of our phones. Therefore, the feature uses up a big part of your phone battery, especially if you make a lot of calls. However, what if a phone was created that does not use up your battery? How about a phone that can make phone calls without battery? A researcher at Washington University has created a prototype of such a device. If this concept comes to life, it would drastically change the way we use our phones to make calls and perform…

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Make a flight entertainment centre with your phone or tablet

Flight entertainment centre

Traveling to a new place is an exciting experience. More so, traveling by plane is quite thrilling. However, on long flights, you might get bored of looking out the window or watching the in-flight movie. In that case, don’t let yourself succumb to the boredom. Here are five things you could do to make your phone or tablet a flight entertainment centre: MAKE SOME ROOM First off, you need a lot of storage space on your device. You know that movies and TV shows take up a lot of storage.…

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The classic Nokia 3310 is being used as a vibrator

nokia 3310

The classic Nokia 3310 was a popular phone. Along with the fact that it had a near-indestructible body and an immortal battery, it was really affordable. Also, the device has a really powerful vibration. When buying the Nokia 3310, most people would look toward the battery life and the strong case, or perhaps the simple interface. However, there are people who use the device as a vibrator. An Indian survey on women revealed this interesting fact recently. The site, Agents of Ishq, wrote an article about female masturbation, which explained…

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Is this the last Lumia smartphone ever?

Lumia 650 - last Lumia

The future of Microsoft’s mobile division has been somewhat uncertain in recent times. And now, rumours has it that a new upcoming budget smartphone from Microsoft will be the last Lumia smartphone. After writing off their Nokia acquisition, Microsoft claimed their next phone releases would come in a slimmer portfolio. So far so good, the company has released two flagship devices, the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL, as well as a budget offering in the Lumia 550. New reports suggest that Microsoft is planning to release another budget phone…

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