2016 is going to be a long, boring year for BlackBerry OS lovers

Passport Suit

This is going to be a long, boring, possibly unbearable, year for BlackBerry OS fans. BlackBerry CEO’s statement that all the devices the company will release this year will run Android OS must be a very bitter pill to swallow. The BlackBerry faithful can’t be excited in any way. Perhaps some of them even feel … Read more

The Avengers: Earth’s mightiest smartphones ( January 2016)


You know the Avengers, earth’s mightiest super heroes; don’t you? If you don’t, please wake up from hibernation and get with the programme. Well, in the smartphone world, there are hordes of capable devices. But the creme-de-la-creme are the top guns. Using AnTutu’s powerful benchmark tool, we hereby bring you earth’s most powerful smartphones as … Read more

7 things we expect to see in 2016 : The rise of Nokia, Chinese takeover and more


It’s a New Year, bringing new hope, aspirations and hopefully innovations. This is another time to be boogled by new tech stuff. Trust me, this year will be awesome. We’re expecting lots of things to happen. But then, not forgetting the volatile nature of mobile tech. Expect lots of surprises too. Below is a list … Read more

Full list of Xiaomi smartphones getting Android 6 Marshmallow

Xiaomi mi 4 top perspective

Recently, Xiaomi announced that the Marshmallow update would be available soon for the Mi 4 and Mi Note. The company has added Mi 3 to the waiting list. The update is in its final testing stages, and a beta version will be available anytime from now. A developer version, followed by a stable release will … Read more

How Huawei became smartphone big boys without the US market

Huawei P7

Huawei is the 3rd largest smartphone maker in the world. That isn’t news anymore. The feat was achieved in early 2014. The brand shipped 100 million smartphones in 2015. That is still big news, for that puts them in the really big league – the league of Samsung and Apple, brands that move over 100 … Read more

Why your shiny new 4G smartphone may not support that LTE network


4G LTE is wireless broadband internet. You would expect it to be a simple matter of buying an LTE smartphone, popping in your SIM card from a 4G LTE service provider and going your way merrily. However, it isn’t that straightforward. For starters, there are two LTE standards – TDD (Time Division Duplex) and FDD … Read more

Jongo Love is a Kenyan TV Series shot on a phone, but it wasn’t the first

jongo love lumia 1020

Jongo Love is a Kenyan TV Series shot on a phone – a Nokia Lumia 1020 (see specifications), the 41 megapixel beast. The quality of the video is quite impressive too, as the Lumia 1020 delivers. While there are various reports that Jongo Love is the first Kenyan TV series to be shot on a … Read more

When will these Android phonemakers go beyond 1.3 GHz processors?


In layman’s language, processor clock speed is the maximum speed that the engine of a phone can run. Have you noticed the new love of 1.3 GHz processors by certain phonemakers? It has gotten to the point where whenever I read of an upcoming smartphone from a group of phonemakers, I am almost dead sure … Read more