1. Noni

    I've already pre-ordered my Nokia Lumia 620 (in green), but haven't decided on my Android device yet.

    I'm waiting to see what Blackberry has up their sleeves, more importantly whether it will be worth the wait or a disappointment. I'm not holding my breadth for what Apple will come up with, I'm hoping that iOS 7 will bring something significantly different to the table. However they seem to be in a holding pattern at the moment. Will Nokia finally come out with a tablet in 2013?

    What I would really like top happen this year I'd like everyone to end these leaked photos of devices. It's boring and there's nothing to look forward to when the event comes (you know who you are).

    And ultimately, for there to be more support for users in Nigeria, especially those of us who want to buy products from the various device app sites. Gift cards would be nice or at least the ability to gift credit to people in other countries, like we can do in some places with phone Top-Up credit.

  2. 1. RIM releases a physical keyboard QWERTY BB10 device, with great battery life (very important). The battery should not be below 1800mAh. I also hope BB10 will have the option of blocking BBM broadcast messages. Amen!

    2. A WP8 or Android top-range smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard like the Dell Venue Pro, HTC DesireZ or Nokia E7.

    3. I hope Jolla releases Sailfish OS smartphones by Q2. Not just in China, but worldwide too. I already intend to flash my N9 with Sailfish when a leaked version appears online. 😀

    4. I hope that Apple .... nah, let me not 'hate' on them here. lol

    5. I hope Pliris Mobile releases a physical QWERTY smartphone running jellybean 4.2

    6. I hope a breakthrough in battery technology comes through so that batteries of >>2500mAh become common.

    7. I hope that Samsung releases smartphones with a physical camera shutter button. Why do they keep omitting it?!

    8. I hope that Steve Elop leaves Nokia as soon as possible and the next CEO brings Symbian, or Meego, or Meltemi, back into Nokia's game plan.

    9. I hope that the craze for bigger, larger smartphones stops at 5". I really do hope so.

    10. And my personal wish: I want to own the Lumia 920 and 808 Pureview.

  3. Harry Echemco

    What I want to happen in mobile technology is an emergence of a new battery technology that will make it possible for high-end phones to come with up to 6000mAh battery on their current thin profiles that will also be able to be charged to the full in 60 or less.

    I also want 16 to 25MP cameras to be common place in 2013 with image qualities that will be as good or better than the Nokia 808 PureView and also be able to shoot in the dark without flash like what obtains on the Nokia Lumia 920 PureView WP8 phone.

  4. Abimbola Sojimi

    What I want is simple. Available and reliable services from Nigerian telcos. 4G? Well it may shock to know that there is no universal EDGE coverage in Nigeria by these same telcos touting 3.75G or 4G coming soon.

  5. bosun99uk

    A 128GB iPad
    Blackberry 10, really want to see it, it looks different.
    Wishing WP8 offers those little things Symbian can do that it still cant do i.e FM transmitter, system wide file manager.
    ORIGINAL LTE in Nigeria.


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