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    bosun99uk says:

    Before this, I was not a fan of TouchWiz. M2.

    But using it makes me feel as if i don’t have access to really customize my home screen like i do on Nokia 808PV

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    Belushi says:

    @koweiszki, come on…touchwiz is nothing ugly. You may prefer the vanilla android UI, BUT that doesnt make samsung touchwiz ugly. I do use the vanilla android too but right now prefer the touchwiz on my Note2.

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    koweiszki says:

    am for d pure android ui tho… prefer its icons to d ugly samsung’s. & d absence of those big ugly icons in d drop down menu is awesome + d settings icon is lovely. VANILLA ANDROID it is

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    Belushi says:

    This is exactly how I now feel about touchwiz. In the past, I always use launchers to cover up the samsung touchwiz on my former Samsung smartphones (the galaxy s, s2 and the Note). But since getting the note2, touchwiz has since been refined and better looking. I wouldnt even want to install any launcher on this one. Dont want to mess anything up. The touchwiz interface with performance is marriage in heaven. Loving it.

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