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    I dnt really hav a problem abt mobile internet plans, one of our beloved networks forgot to switch off my blackberry subscription when it expired since june 2012. I take that as payment for crappy services and illegal deductions 😛

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    I have respective SIM’s for all networks.. I have experienced internet access outage on Glo and Mtn after subscribing for a month access but never on the Etisalat Network

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    samirusman says:

    **looks @ Emmanuel, Bros, why you wan fall our hand lkie this nau ?! Common Airtel logo you no fit copy & paste, you still dey use Zainab logo for here. Kilode ?!

    Back to topic, to subscribe to any data plan in Nigeria, location, location, location. Its that simple.Different locations have different impacts on the speeds you will get. Lack of consistency is the major problem facing data users in this country. That’s why I have all 4 sims of the network providers. Whoever is the current champion in terms of tariff plans & speed, am using them.

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    Austine Ezemelue says:

    Good advise. However, a network might perform well during your testing period and then go”AWOL” when have made a definitive subscription.All
    the same, it’s a very good advise.

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