1. Belushi

    Wasnt expecting this at all. Thought you were going to say one should close running apps, especially ones not needed. Good to know this new method though.

  2. EyeBeeKay

    @Belushi, i thought this is supposed to be a joke. - the pure water thing, or am I missing something,?

    HUMOR misunderstood?

  3. Famuyide olawale

    You are right, that is what I do, especially when I switch to 3G and an in area of low connectivity. Good tips.

  4. bily

    hmmm, interesting...
    i guess Nigerians should sue Nokia for infringing on our intellectual property abi where else did they get the idea for the wireless charging pillow?

  5. Tijjani

    I ve been doing the same thing for about a year now. Perhaps its the abundance of pure water in most homes that prompted the experiment.

  6. Achimba

    Was happy when I saw d topic,I grew more excited when I saw that it was a black berry 9320 which was used for demostration cos mi 9320 gets so hot I fear it wil xplode sumtyms

  7. I used to put mine in the refrigerator(connected to power source) for some time. It's actually risky to undertake but with close monitoring, nothing might go wrong.

    I think I'll try the sachet water tip. Seems almost everyone's doing it.

    ** Thumps Up **


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