When Are We Seeing A Dell Venue Pro Style QWERTY Lumia?

There have been a few Windows Phone smartphones with a QWERTY keyboard. All of them, bar one, have a side-sliding keyboard, but the catch is that the Windows Phone 7 OS that they run doesn’t rotate to landscape mode at all or just only in some menus. The horror! I could never use a device that requires me to twist my neck and head one way just to be able to type. HTC 7 Pro and relatives, I am looking at you. One can only hope that this strange encounter of the third kind has been rectified in Windows Phone 8.

Dell Venue Pro

On the flip side, Windows Phone doesn’t look and feel right on really small displays, so the standard E71-style candy bar QWERTY factor should never be considered. Till we can confirm that Windows Phone 8 handles the side sliding keyboard form better, what we are left with is vertical sliding keyboard form of the Dell Venue Pro, as pictured above. The Venue Pro has been acclaimed as one of the finest Windows Phone smartphones ever. It has a solid build, a vertical sliding QWERTY keyboard, making it possible to retain a big 4.1-inch display.

Will Nokia ever give us such a device? I think that they should consider it. I have had several enquiries from people who want to know when Nokia will be launching such a Lumia. Are you one of them? Have your say.

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4 comments on “When Are We Seeing A Dell Venue Pro Style QWERTY Lumia?”

  1. bosun99uk Reply

    I see Samsung more as a manufacturer to come up with such, but anything can happen anyways.

  2. Benny Reply

    Wow! how I wish this may happen. I love QWERTY keypads on my phones. I am currently holding on to my 'ancient' E5-00 for this reason I had planned to upgrade to E6 but then 'Elop' happened. Am still hanging on waiting for a windows phone that combines a QWERTY keypad, good file management, bluetooth functionality and a powerful processor for games and stuff.

    Never really been a fan of touch screens but apparently people like me are in minority now and are being marginalized.

    Any thing from the rumor mill or does my wait continue?

  3. Harry Echemco Reply


    Never really been a fan of touch screens but apparently people like me are in minority now and are being marginalized.

    We all were once using alphanumeric keypads and qwerty keyboard before the touchscreen came along. Don't worry you will soon be in the majority too and you will be wondering why you were so fixated on physical qwerty keyboard for so long.

  4. spacyzuma Reply

    I have been speaking on the positives of the DellVenuePro model for a long while, and I will continue to do so. That form factor is a brilliant way to fuse physical keyboard with large touchscreen. I wish one manufacturer be bold enough to try it. :(


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