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    eye_bee_kay says:

    The worst part of it is when the download is almost through (at 90%), the network may just cut off and i will have to start downloading my 1.5gig file all over again from the begining.

    Belushi you absolutely need a download manager for big downloads on epileptic networks like you have in Nigeria, .

    you would then be able to resume from interrupted downloads without having to star all ovet again..

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    Belushi says:

    I have gotten so tired of all the mobile Telecom data services, had to go get myself a swift4g last weekend. Had to wait all night to download on airtel /mtn/etisalat. The worst part of it is when the download is almost through (at 90%), the network may just cut off and i will have to start downloading my 1.5gig file all over again from the begining. That is gruesom.

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    micheal says:

    well it has always been quality vs quantity in nigeria when u say pay higher and get better services they say no no its too expensive ok then you pay lower and take what ever u see u hear this they are scam bad network they are fradulent etc ask your self are you willing to pay for the extra comfort or to go the extra mile ?

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    Harry Echemco says:

    It is unfortunate hearing that Etisalat EasyBlaze has gone this bad. Well, I switched to Airtel for about 3 months now and that’s not because of poor internet connection speed. In fact, my experience on EasyBlaze remains the best experience I’ve ever had on mobile internet in Nigeria up till date.

    On the 5th of this month, I was able to download a 753.2MB worth of file in 41 minutes and 12 seconds on Airtel BB Social plan using Crystal Downloader for Android and that is fast enough for me even though I reckon I could have done same in half the time using Etisalat EasyBlaze.

    My position was – and still is – that the higher pricing was needed if only to keep and maintain the superior service. My argument was based on trends over the years – dropping prices would mean an influx of subscribers, congestion, and then the consequent deterioration in service quality.

    Your position seems to suggest that broadband ought to be a premium service which is not a good thing. I think the right thing for them to do was improve on their infrastructures, but I also understand that the business environment is not very encouraging. Again, asking them to maintain the high speed by remaining relatively pricey may not be very good for their business which I believe was what caused them to eventually adjust their pricing.

    I cannot confirm how bad EasyBlaze is in my area presently but if Airtel should give me the reason to look elsewhere, my first choice will definitely be Etisalat.

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    Titilola says:

    To get good internet services these days, one has to subscribe to at least two. It is an anomaly that sometimes, there will be no network at all despite having more than one internet facility. SWIFT has been relatively stable for me over the years, and the etisalat BB package, though not good enough, is still way better than MTN. Anyway, we’ll keep searching and hopefully we’ll get it right one day. Ciao.

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    Ral says:

    One also had to consider the network congestion caused by subscribers using cheat settings to access the data network. A lot of people are exploiting the loopholes in the security of mobile network access, & such people make heavy downloads when browsing. MTN has suffered from this for a long time, now fresh grounds have been found in etisalat.

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    eye_bee_kay says:

    It is apparent one can not rely on a single network for internet access, particular if you cannot afford to be offline for a second.

    E-magine trading forex with a temperamental network! Pure suicide!

    One way for the networks to make it easy to switch, is to make those short_tenured data pans as competitive as their longer_tenured cousins.

    That way, if a particular network starts misbehaving, moving to another the next minute would entail practically no financial loss.

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