1. Austine Ezemelue

    If your primary SIM is a glo SIM, there's a workaround.
    Get another glo SIM and share your glo data bundle with it. That way, you can keep your primary SIM in your Lumia 610 and use the other SIM in your other devices.

    • Austine,

      Nice suggestion. But I really hate carrying multiple devices around. Plus, those other devices are review units and will be gone soon. Right now, I carry only one around, and it can be frustrating when I am on the go, and all I can get is EDGE. Thinking about it some more...

  2. koweiszki

    simply put tis they uselessness of our country that puts 3g up there as a god. a country where the networks have 3g speed barely surpassing the edge range on phones,& d edge speed compares with gprs,smh. & 3g can like to gulp battery :'(


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