There is an army of young people, armed with affordable smartphones mostly from Chinese phone manufacturers, who are hungry for free movies and video content, and they are swarming to sites like 0123moviesfree and Filmywap.

0123moviesfree and Filmywap free movies downloads

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There is an army of young people armed with affordable smartphones, mostly made by Chinese phone manufacturers, who are hungry for free movies and video content, and they are swarming to sites like 0123moviesfree and Filmywap.

Introducing 0123moviesfree

Movie streaming and download sites are thriving more than ever, despite the industry’s fight against prating of their products. Every other day, legal action is taken against one online movie site or the other. And every other day, another one springs up to take its place.

If you run a web search for the term “0123moviesfree“, you will find it fascinating that there are several websites all bearing the “freemovies” tag in different variations. And all of them offer free movies for download.

This range of sites offer streaming and downloads of HD quality movies and seasons productions.

freemovies from 0123moviesfree sites

Introducing Filmywap

Another website that offers similar content is Filmywap, an Indian portal that lets users download free movies online. The focus of the site is Hindi, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies, as well as TV series.

This movie downloads site is currently enjoying a strong run, thanks to India’s huge population and growing internet penetration. Millions of young Indians are getting on the Internet and are hungry for entertainment content. The site can be accessed at

There is the question of the legality of the content on the site. There is no way to verify that at this time though. The site has a “DMCA Complaint” link on its homepage but clicking it lead us to a 404 page. We are sure, however, that movie creators will respond swiftly should the Filmywap site be involved in illegal operations.

filmywap - free movies online

Free Movies, Downloads and Legal Issues

You will find some of the latest box office hits available on these sites. Under current laws, all of the various 0123moviesfree websites and Filmywap are likely guilty of illegal activity. Yet, it is evident that the reason these sites thrive is because there is a demand for free video content.

How can movie producers innovate and evolve to latch on to this demand? Is there a way to meet the popular thirst so that producers, not 3rd party sites, reap the fruits of their labours? We ask, because it looks like a losing battle. Besides video sites, audio download sites are thriving too. A case in point is the story of MP3Skull.

Thirst Is Everything?

One thing is clear: there is a huge thirst for free movies and free multimedia content in general, and sites like 0123moviesfree and Filmywap meet those needs. We live in an age in which people – mostly young people – do not think that downloading free versions of commercial digital content is wrong.

In addition, the content on these free download sites are generally lightweight. This makes them very attractive to mobile users in emerging economies who struggle with data costs and quality.

As such, we have hundreds of millions of people in countries like India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, China, and Nigeria, among others, turning to these sites for video content.

The thirst is real and growing. Perhaps it is time for the industry to look at new ways of distributing videos online in a way that consumers’ needs are met and their own bottom-line benefits. The solution certainly has to generate revenue for producers, as they ramp up heavy costs in the making of those TV series and movies.

As a mobile user and video content consumer, have you ever used sites like Filmywap, 0123moviesfree, Wapdam, or the like? Or do stay away from sites that offer free movies online and use paid movie streaming/download services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, iROKOtv or DStv instead? What are your reasons for your choice of sites for freemovies?

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