Mister Mobility vents at those who scoff at 1 GB RAM mobile phones and explains why those phones are very important in today’s world.

Why 1 GB RAM mobile phones are super important

Mister Mobility vents at those who scoff at 1 GB RAM mobile phones and explains why those phones are very important in today’s connected, digital world – perhaps even more important than mid-range and premium smartphones are.


We put up a teaser towards our itel P33 Android phone, and the first comment we got on it was, “1 GB RAM? Joke of the year.” That got me riled up. I have seen similar comments all over the place before now, but this pretty much was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Why do some people think that 1 GB RAM mobile phones are jokes? Is it deliberate ignorance or a need to just be caustic?


itel p33 1 gb RAM mobile phone
itel P33 is an enrty-level smartphone that packs a few advanced features

Anyway, I recorded a quick rant to adress the issue. Perhaps they just don’t know, so here is information to enlighten everyone who thinks that 1 GB RAM mobile devices should be thrown into the trash can.

Video: Why 1 GB RAM mobile phones are important


It was a rant done on the spur of the moment. Pardon two or three diction and grammar gaffes in there. Rants are perfect for gremlins and the like to sneak in and wreck small errors.

Here is a quick summary of the points I made:

  1. Entry-level Android smartphones are not possible (yet) without 1 GB RAM. RAM is one of the pricey components in smartphones. To keep costs low, entry level Android phones are equipped with lower amounts of RAM, usually 1 GB.
  2. Every smartphone brand that wants to sell to low-income earners has a 1 GB RAM phone. Xiaomi has the Redmi Go. itel Mobile sells mostly 1 GB RAM devices because they specifically make phones only for low income earners. Nokia has. Samsung has. It is almost impossible right now to have an entry-level phone with more than 2 GB RAM without taking out the camera or some other part completely.
  3. Entry level devices are critical because they offer the greatest potential for impact. That 1 GB RAM mobile phone costing ₦25,000 that you scoff at is the only chance for millions of people around the world to get online and be connected, to get their businesses online, to learn new skills, and to become better versions of themselves through information and enlightenment.

    Xiaomi Redmi Go is a 1 GB RAM mobile phone
    Xiaomi Redmi Go is a 1 GB RAM mobile phone.
  4. If you can afford a  2 GB or 3 GB phone and above, ignore 1 GB phones. But hundreds of millions of others who cannot afford those are able to be a part of the global, connected world because of rock bottom, entry-level smartphones with 1 GB RAM. Companies that innovate with 1 GB RAM mobile devices are real heroes.
  5. 1 GB RAM is no longer such a horrible experience as it used to be, thanks to Android Go Edition, which is a version of Android optimized for better performance and lower data consumption on entry-level phones.
  6. Having said that, I do recommend at least 3 GB RAM for really smooth performance in an Android phone, if you can afford one. If you cannot, a 1 GB RAM mobile phone running Android Go Edition will do just fine. It just will be the slowest car on the road, but it will get you from point A to B, which is what matters the most.

itel S32 unboxing photos front label

And it is imporatant to note that a smartphone brand like itel Mobile that is innovating entirely around entry-level phones is real magic. Why? There is a limit to what you can add to a phone that costs less than ₦27,000, yet itel manages to pack in options like fingerprint reader, dual camera, big battery, and Face Unlock.

Innovating at the mid-range and premium levels is far easier. Innovating where resources are limited is commendable. itel P33 is a 1 GB RAM mobile, but it also has a dual camera at the back, fingerprint scanner, and a big battery all in a nice faux-metal package. And it costs only ₦23,900. That is innovation that is putting some advanced features in the hands of low income earners.

itel P33 dual camera and fingerprint
itel P33 has a dual camera. fingerprint reader, big battery, and AI battery booster.

In summary, there is no reasonable basis for anyone to call a 1 GB RAM mobile phone a joke of the year. Such a smartphone is not only a functional device, it is also very essential to the presnt and the future of the human race. It may not be for you if you can afford better, but without it, many people in the world today would still be stuck in the dark, dark ages, digitally speaking.

Do look forward to our itel P33 review. Cheers.

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. I watched your video and I must say, you’re very correct. That’s why we have people like you and other gadget reviewers like myself to enlighten them about these devices. Keep up the good work sir and long live 1GB RAM smartphones.

  2. Well said, Mister Mo, 1GB RAM device really does a lot of positive impact in all communities. Just like you said, it might be slow, but at the end, it will definitely take you to where you need to be. And they are affordable for everyone to purchase. Thanks for this info, Mister Mo.

  3. Well I don’t agree with your view on the price, as from my own point of view a 1gig ram smartphone should not cost more than $40 in Nigeria since we are talking about affordability. But reverse is the case cos any price of phone that exceed 20k is not considered affordable.

  4. Kenny.C,

    Here is an example: Xiaomi’s Redmi Go costs $72 on Amazon. What laws of economics will make that to change to $40 in Nigeria? A company like Xiaomi adds about 5% markup on the cost of production of their devices. Are the manufacturers supposed to sell their devices at a loss?

    Xiaomi sells it for N22,000 (about $65) in Nigeria.

    If someone cannot afford a N22,000 smartphone, there are others that cost about N10,000 and have 512 MB RAM. And for those who cannot afford those, there are N3,000 to N9,000 feature phones in the market, some of them with 4G Internet and basic apps.

    There is something for everyone.

  5. Basically, there’s nothing wrong with 1GB RAM size phones. It’s just that most youths of today enjoy playing high graphic games on their mobile devices which, of course, 1GB RAM can’t shoulder. These are the 1st of people that’ll crucify 1GB RAM phones the moment it’s released into the market.
    The 2nd Group are those who love playing around with some utility Apps on their devices. Facebook (not Lite version) consumes so much data & space on the device it’s installed on. Instagram, the same thing. And so many other useful Apps. These apps also eat up portions of the RAM on the phone, making the device to start heating up, hanging, auto-rebooting itself, etc.

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