10 million Galaxy S II sold in 5 months

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samsung galaxy s2 11
As I have said before, Samsung have a winner in the Galaxy range of smartphones, and the Galaxy S II has just reinforced that position by selling 10 million units in 5 months.

Its predecessor, the Galaxy S, sold the same number in about seven months. Impressive stats, really. Here’s a toast to the Galaxy S II.



  1. Not to take away any of the effervescent moments of that toast – but what is this nagging complaints about overheating issues with this Galaxy S.?

    Would this be something about which to get hot under the collar?

  2. What is the battery life of this phone? I need a PDA phone that will work minimum of 24hrs without charging it. My BB Curve 8520 and Nokia N900 cannot stand it. it must be charged every 4hrs

  3. I don’t have one but learned battery life on it is the best amongts recent android smartphones. The heating up issue is prevalent with most smartphones these days. Not a deal breaker for its users considering how fast this phone goes. I expected this kind of result for the sgs2. This is excluding the US market which sales is just about commencing. The sgs2 is touted the best smartphone presently. Really wish I upgrade to one, but my eyes are on the quadcores coming up next year.

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