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My best apps: 10 must-have iOS apps for my Apple devices

ByAyo Olanrewaju

Sep 15, 2011

Some apps are a complete waste of time, while some others are so good they make you wonder how you ever lived without them. Here are my must-have iOS apps.

Some apps are just plain silly, pointless and a complete waste of time, while some other apps make you wonder how you have survived without them all this while. With over 425,000 apps and counting in the AppStore, it can be a daunting task selecting apps worthy of your beloved iPhone springboard.

Here is my list of must-have iOS apps – the top 10 apps I just can’t do without. Hopefully, you will find some of them useful as well.

My List Of Must-Have iOS Apps

must-have iOS apps.

1. OliveTree BibleReader

This Biblereader app is beautiful, loads super fast with a neat UI that lets you simply enjoy your spiritual experience while being in the 21st century.

2. Facebook for iPhone

This is a no-brainer. The Facebook app makes it really easy to connect with your friends on the go. Instant notifications for friend requests, messages, wall posts makes it easy to enjoy your facebook experience. If there is any app that deserves a place on anyone’s list of must-have iOS apps, it is Facebook.

3. Tweetdeck

Interesting Twitter client which, in all fairness, is better and more intuitive than the official Twitter app. It has the ability to ‘MUTE’ people on your timeline.

4. iBooks

Apple’s official ebook reader app comes with all the ‘coolness’ of the brand that is Apple. The ‘flip page’ design is just awesome and makes even people who would not normally read to turn a page or two. It definitely deserves a place on this list of must-have iOS apps.

5. Genius Scan

Okay, so this one has a story. I had to scan a document for my brother’s Visa application while I was far from civilization (okay; not so far really). All I had on me was my iPhone. Genius Scan did everything in 30 seconds and bailed me out of a really stressful situation. You just never know when this app will come in handy.

6. Eurosport

I can’t do without checking this app everyday. All the latest scoops on all sporting activities worldwide. You can set your favourite clubs, countries, sports and receive instant notifications on kickoff times, goals scored during live matches as well as final results.

7. IM+ Pro

This is a chat client for Yahoo, Facebook, Jabber, Gtalk, etc. The major highlight of this app is the animated emoticon. You can literally laugh for hours while watching the hilarious animations. Sadly, the animated emoticons are only on versions 5.2 and below. I don’t know why this was disabled in the latest app update.

8. Opera Mini

This just saves my data plan. It’s loads web pages really fast. Definitely a must have. The only glitch is that it doesn’t seem to connect to Opera servers when you’re using the MTN network.

9. VLC media player

This app lets you play all movie formats on your iPhone. It was pulled from the app store after the first version but you can still get it on the Cydia Store, if you go the jailbreak route.

10. Arsenal official app

What can I say? I’m an Arsenal fan! As such, I cannot end this list of must-have iOS apps without including the official Arsenal app. The app has the full squad list, complete with pictures and some videos as well as Arsene Wenger’s pre and post-match interviews (so that I can finally figure out what goes on in that old man’s head!). Sadly that doesn’t change the fact that ManU will probably still whoop my boys any day.

iOS apps

So there you have it: my list of must-have iOS apps. Let me know which apps you feel should have made the cut and please do not tell me that the Arsenal app should have been left out (I know).

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36 thoughts on “My best apps: 10 must-have iOS apps for my Apple devices”
  1. Having read the list of must have apps (for iPhone), I decided to list my own (for Symbian^1).

    1) LonelyCatGames XPlore – A complete file explorer. I would be lost totally without it. It is the first app I ALWAYS install on my phone.
    2) Uc Mobile / Opera Mini – fast, fluid and parsimonious browsing
    3) SPB Wireless Monitor – track my data usage.
    4) Handy Expense – keep my spending under check
    5) Harald Meyer NoteIt – scribble things down. Like a perpetual pen+paper
    6) JBakTaskManager – does much, much more than just management tasks. My award goes to this app as being the most technically sophisticated and functional of all Symbian appear
    7) Youlu Address Book – manage calls, sms – backup / synchronize, and much more
    8) PhoneTorch – use phone as a ubiquitous torchlight.
    9) MsDict Viewer – a wordsmith would want a dictionary perpetually at his fingertips
    10) OfficeSuite / PicSel Smart Office / documents To Go – management ‘office dox on_the_go
    and, of course…… SWYPE
    I have struggled to limit the list to the 10 most essential. There are others of great importance I have omitted from the list..

  2. on my ipad, my top apps are sbsettings, cydia, installous, avplayer, pdf expert, reeder for google reader, opera mini, safari with safari download manager, mobile terminal and android lockxt

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  4. Here goes for Symbian^3, Anna and Belle
    1. X-Plore – File Manager
    2. fMobi – Stand alone Facebook app
    3. TwimGo – Stand alone Twitter app
    4. Gravity – All in one Social Netorking App (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace…)
    5. JoikuSpot – Creates Wireless Hotspot from decice
    6. Nimbuzz – All in one Instant Messaging App (Chat on Facebook, Yahoo, GTalk etc)
    7. Opera Mini/Mobile – Browser (Fast, Lightweight/Perfect compression).
    8. MsDict – Best dictionary viewer with a wide range of dictionary files.
    9. Swype – Fast typing with a Swype.
    10. Lyrics – Nice UI Music/Lyrics app.

    1. Spiderman: Total Mayhem
    2. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
    3. Angry birds, Original & RIO
    4. Fruit Ninja
    5. Dungeon Hunter

  5. actually, my must-have iOS apps must iclude the following;
    Engsdget, Medscape, Quickoffice, Pages, Goodreader, Dictionary, Oplayer HD (does a better job than vlc media player), wikipanion, Google Earth, Instapaper, Chess.com, Friendly, MyPad, Worpress, CNN, and of course some Games!

  6. on Symbian 3, my major apps are Whatsapp, Nimbuzz, Jokuspot, QuickOffice, Nokia IM, and Gravity. Unfortunately I couldn’t find Snaptu, Engadget and uc browser in the Ovi store.

    eyebeekay, do you know if uc browser is available for Symbian 3?

  7. I agree with most of the apps listed here but in place of “Tweetdeck”, i prefer using the Official Twitter for iPhone App. Tweetdeck is probably better now but in my experience, it was quite buggy and crashed a lot so once twitter released an official app, i jumped on it.

    As for an ebook reader, i prefer “Stanza Ebook reader”. It has almost all the same features as iBooks and it is easier to sync books to it. The only issue i have with it is that it requires a network connection to lookup words in from the book you are reading as opposed to iBooks which has an inbuilt dictionary.

    Other apps i can add to this list are
    – Torchlight (yes a torchlight app. you can use it to activate the camera LED to use as a torchlight if you have an iphone with a camera LED or just make the screen blank)
    – Dictionary.com (very handy for looking up words. It can even pronounce it for you provided you have a data connection
    – Goodreads (i am a book lover so i use this app to write reviews on books i have read, read reviews from others, and generally use the Goodreads social network features)
    – Games (the ones i am most fond of are line birds, line jumper, solitaire, sudoku, angry birds and fruit ninja)

  8. I forgot to mention the productivity apps such as QuickOffice Connect and USB Drive (for file sharing). I also love Opera Mini. Just wished we had more options for browsers on iOS

  9. I forgot to mention my file managers ifunbox on pc and ifile on ipad. Afewgoodmen, u must be in the medical field to like those apps.

    I checked out Instapaper and fell in love with it. However, for saving offline, i prefer opera mini for its speed, data compression and simplicity. Cheers

  10. @AfewGoodMen, U may also try wap.ucweb.com

    The symbian version of uc mobile usually works across s60v3 and s^1 (and , I think – s^3)

  11. Eyebeekay, thanks. Your link took me straight to uc install file which I downloaded and installed immediately.

    Metamba, you are correct. I’m in the Medical field. However, I prefer instapaper for viewing web pages offline compared to opera mini on iOS.

  12. I also think UCBrowser at least looks as good as Opera mini on Android and also has more usability features than Opera mini, but Opera mini remains my primary browser because of its superior data compression.

    I actually experimented on this with a java phone and found out that in terms of data compression, Opera mini and UCBrowser are almost incomparable. A site that is worth over 240KB on UCBrowser is worth less than 10KB on Opera mini with image disabled on both browsers.

  13. am rily tripped by ds post. ay, wat do u tink bout openin an appstore in lagos? let’s talk man! am highly impressed with ur post. you are headed for the top man!

  14. , ….but Opera mini remains my primary browser because of its superior data compression. .
    I actually experimented on this with a java phone and found out that in terms of data compression, Opera mini and UCBrowser are almost incomparable. A site that is worth over 240KB on UCBrowser isworth less than 10KB on Opera mini with image disabled on both browsers.

    I also did an experiment similar to this a long time ago. On Symbian. I tried several sites out.There were situations where one outperformed the other.

    The result I got showed thai Uc Browser GENERAL compresses far better than Opera Mini. I used a utility called ‘mconnection’ to monitor data consumption.

    Can u reconduct that experiment and see?

  15. @Eye.Bee.Kay:

    There could be interference from other apps running in the background like a push mail and Facebook clients, if you use a data monitoring app and they are not always correct. The one I’ve on my phone only gives a close estimate of the actual data consumption because it logs even failed attempts at connection. In fact it is always ahead of the actual data consumption by at least 14MB when I’m on 100MB data plan. Again using huge Wikipedia articles like computer, FIFA world cup, Nigeria, mobile phones, etc and having similar settings on both browsers like mobile view with the best compression settings and image disabled on both will be more objective.

    I’ll check if the mconnection app is available for Android and give it a try.

    My method is to download same page with best compression settings with image disabled on both browsers and of course with mobile view enabled (which is the mode I browse with predominantly), save the pages on memory card and finally use a file manager to check the size of each file.

  16. My method is to download same page with best compression settings with image disabled on both browsers and of coursewith mobile view enabled (which is the mode I browse with predominantly), save the pages on memory card and finally use a file manager to check the size of each file.

    I am not sure this method will give accurate result.

    We are rating/comparing these two browsers based on the volume of data they PULL DOWN to your phone, NOT the comparative volume AFTER expanding those compresses webpages.

    If you first ensure there is no other app running that pulls data (easy to do in Symbian), using an app line ‘mconnection’ should give a fairly accurate result, I think.

  17. @Eye.Bee.Kay:
    I think you have a point there. Yes I’ll have to rerun the test with netcounter and see what the result will be like.

  18. The more recent versions of uc mobile for symbian routinely return compression rates of 85% and uo to 97%!

    The recent versions also maintain a log of data teaffic and savings (by virtue of their phenomenal compression algorithms!)

    Some older (symbian) versions of Opera Mini used to maintain such a log (but not anymore). Reintroducing this will make it even easier to determine the more data efficient of these duo….

  19. Unfortunately UC Browser has not been connecting on my Android device since today, it’s been long I used it last so I wouldn’t know when the problem started. I’ve both versions and and I tried connecting with both several times even uninstalled and reinstalled them and did some settings tweaking to see if it would solve the problem. And I don’t think the problem is from the network (Etisalat) because the java version – also is browsing on the same network on my Tecno phone.

    I don’t think the Android versions of UC Browser maintain such logs you mentioned. All I can see is the address of the page when I select page info, same with the java version.

    Opera mini (Opera Mini Mod version 4.21 beta 8 actually) on my Tecno phone still shows such info while the Opera Mini for Android doesn’t have the page information at all.

  20. @Yomi, @EyeBeeKay
    do you know if there is a free Bible App on Symbian 3? I can’t seem to find any free one in the Ovi store!

    Secondly, do you know if Olive Tree has their famous Bible App for Symbian?

  21. thanks, Eye.Bee.Kay. The second post worked. I now have Olive Tree Bible reader installed on my E6. I wonder why it is not present in the Ovi store. Those of with an iOS bACKground always think Only apps in official store is best. i’d change taht outlook now.

    Once again, thanks Eye.Bee.Kay.

  22. @afewgoodmen

    Though I have the eBible from SmartPhoneWare, I’ve been looking for Olive Tree and YouVersion bible readers for my N8. Thanks to Eye.Bee.Kay that this came up but I hope it’s not a two thousand and late version?

    Anyone still has S60 Bible???

  23. Afewgoodmen,, glad one of the links worked for you.

    Those of with an iOS bACKground always think Only apps in official store is best. i’d change taht outlook now.

    this is exactly why I have always felt that figures bandied about on AppStores may not tell the whole story.

    Personally, unless I already know that an app is in d Ovi Store, I hardly ever look for apps there. There are many unofficial ‘app stores’ that prove well stocked and reliable as sources of awesome software (for Symbian)

  24. The New Uc mobile for Symbian & Java released. Grab @ wap.ucweb.com

    UC Browser V7.9.0.102 S60V5 pf50 (en-us) release (Build11090809)
    Date: 2011-9-8

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