Google announced Android 6.0 a few months back. The final Developers Preview is out, and it’s expected to be released before the end of the

10 new features to expect on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

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Google announced Android 6.0 a few months back. The final Developers Preview is out, and it’s expected to be released before the end of the year. Below is a list of features we should be excited about in the upcoming software.

Android Marshmallow

1. Google Now on Tap

‘Now on Tap’ is the latest feature addition to Google Now, and it makes the feature smarter. This means allows you to use Google’s virtual assistant irrespective of where you are or what you’re doing on your device. All you need do is hold down the home button and “Now” appears from the bottom of the screen. The is to offer the user contextual information based on what you are doing.

2.App Permissions

Currently, on Android, users are forced to accept all permissions that an application asks for during installation. The trend changes with Android Marshmallow. Here, users can now choose to deny a specific permission for an app while approving others and still manage to install and use the app as they normally would.

You can also change the permissions you want to deny or allow later on. For instance while downloading an update for an app with added features.

3. Android Pay

Google is introducing Android Pay as a direct competitor to the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Google Pay gives users a virtual account number, and thus protects your actual number from falling into wrong hands. Users use their phone’s NFC capability to make a transaction simply by tapping their phone onto a supporting terminal.

The service is claimed to be able to work with over 700,000 retailers in USA and that it’s compatible with existing debit and credit cards. Google is also allowing developers to integrate Android Pay into their own applications for easier and faster payments.

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4. Native Fingerprint Support

Google have added native fingerprint support in Marshmallow. This feature will work together with Android Pay for authentication of payments. The feature also helps users lock their devices, and it’s easier than having to enter passwords every time.

5. Doze

Doze is a new technology made to save more battery life on Android Marshmallow. This is done by putting the phone in deeper sleep mode, when it is either motionless or in standby mode. Doze cut’s off all background processes during this mode, and Google claims to have achieved a battery life that’s twice as long on the Nexus 9 using Doze. Users need not fear for missing calls or notifications while their devices have Doze ON.

6. USB Type-C Support

Google adds native support for USB Type-C port in future Android devices. The Type-C port allows for much faster charging as opposed to the current microUSB. It can be plugged into the phone in any direction unlike the microUSB cable. Google also claims that if optimized, USB Type-C will allows up to 3-5 times faster charging speeds microUSB charging cables.

7. RAM Manager

Are you curious to know which apps are using the most memory on your phone? Marshmallow can now reveal that information with the Track Memory feature. Head along to Settings, click on the Memory tab and you’ll be able to see, such as cache or installation, your apps are taking up on your device etc. It also shows how frequently apps are running and a chance to remove or uninstall the apps that are draining memory the most.

8. Network Settings Reset
Android-Marshmallow-features (2)

There’s new feature to reset network settings of smart phones. This lies in the Backup and Reset menu on Marshmallow, and works just like you want to recite a device. These includes all Wi-Fi, Cellular Data as well as Bluetooth settings which can all be erased together in one single step. Just Network settings can also be cleared, without having to reset the phone itself.

9. Ability to Choose Status Bar Icons

Marshmallow brings users the ability to customize their status bar icons. For instance you can disable the display of Bluetooth or WiFi icons if they’re turned ON. This feature helps to eliminate unwanted icons from the status bar and give space for other icons to show up.

10. Rotating Home screen

Android-Marshmallow-features (1)

The ability to rotate your home screen were formally only available through using launchers. Even with Auto-rotate enabled previous Android versions don’t allow the home screen to be viewed in the landscape mode. Marshmallow will finally allows users to view their phone home screen in both landscape as well as in portrait mode.


  1. some, but they’re not baked into the OS. that means chipmakers/OEMs have to add them to vanilla Android

  2. It will take forever before these features gets to Nigerian centric Smartphones,Tecno and co at the rate they are all going here..

  3. If it’s baked into the OS as poster highlighted, it wont matter whether its ”nigerian centric” or not.

  4. True, just that OEMs have a tendency to chop and mash Vanilla Android until it’s finally unrecognizable,especially at the price conscious strata..

  5. the app permissions isnt new na, it is embedded in the android 5.1 that came with infinix xui update.

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