First in my line of G1 reviews was my very own list of 10 Gripes about the T-mobile G1. Here is the list of 10

10 Things I like about the T-mobile G1

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First in my line of G1 reviews was my very own list of 10 Gripes about the T-mobile G1.


Here is the list of 10 things I like about the G1.

  1. The user interface. Touch, swipe, and tap, and with a responsiveness that’s rarely seen in touchscreen devices. The icons are attractive as well, and the UI is generally easy to use. I adapted to the G1’s UI in under 10 minutes. No manual. No previous training.
  2. Handling of data. If you have multiple access points for GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA setup, the G1 intelligently uses the one for the SIM currently in your phone. And its all done behind-the-scenes and quickly too. Amazing!
  3. Web browsing. The browser on the G1 is fast and gets the job done. Cpanel, WHM, online banking, it has handled everything that I have thrown at it with gracefulness.
  4. Android Market. I don’t know where to start with the Android market but just say, “It works”. It works very well. Plus, the G1 automatically notifies you when updates are available for any application that you have installed from the Market. Sweet.
  5. Customisable Home screen. The G1 homescreen is glorious. You can set widgets for a number of tasks, contacts, shortcuts to applications, folders, and wallpapers.
  6. Integration with Google services. The G1 syncs with your Gmail, including contacts and calendar entries. All you need is your Gmail login details, and the G1 does the rest. There’s also a Google search widget, as well as built-in Youtube and GoogleTalk apps.
  7. The QWERTY keyboard rocks! Now, I am Mr. QWERTY keyboard on mobile. When I say that the G1 QWERTY rocks, I mean that in my experience, it is second only to that on the E90. And that is a close second.
  8. Notifications. There’s a notification bar at the top of the screen regardless of what menu you are in. You can pull it down to view the details of your notifications and then tap to open that item e.g. new email, new SMS, successful download, etc.
  9. USB charging. Plug in the USB cable and connect to your PC, and the G1 tops up its battery charge.
  10. Multi-tasking. It is multi-tasking spiced up. You can run multiple applications, and if one gets shut down because you ran out of memory, when you launch it again, it is restored to the very state you left it last time. If a download is interrupted (for example, because the data connection is broken), when the phone re-connects, it also resumes the download. Just sit back and relax.

I still have more detailed reviews coming up.

I must say that I am enjoying using the G1. In spite of the limitations that HTC imposed on this first Android device, it is a phone that grows on you. It has grown on me. Now, if only another manufacturer can deliver a QWERTY Android-powered device with none of HTC’s limitations…

Up next: a picture gallery of various interfaces on the G1.

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