10 times faster than 3G, WIMAX-4G or DSL: ipNX launches cable broadband

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ipNX Nigeria Limited launched its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network covering [parts of] Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt at a Press briefing yesterday. The Mobility.ng/CyberSchuulNews.com Partnership was present at the event to cover it.

Branded as FoS (Fibre optic Service), the service guarantees speeds starting from 4 Mbps, allowing users to connect at speeds at least 10 times faster than 3G, WIMAX-4G or DSL. The service is already available to homes in and businesses on Lagos Island, Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki. Service will be extended to Ikeja, Apapa and Surulere from November 2013.

Group Managing Director, Mr. Ejovi Aror, told the audience at the launch that “As the cost of international bandwidth drops further, we will be able to offer more speed and lower pricing.” He said service will also launch very soon in Ekiti State at the behest of the State Government.

The event included demonstrations of the service for powering cable television, video conferencing and internet telephony, as well as testimonies from subscribers who are already using the service since the network rollout commenced in Q4, 2012. A special testimony was given by Mr Segun Ogunjobi, Chairman of Goshen Estate Lekki where residents have used the service for close to one year.

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  1. It would be more accurate to say “currently covering parts of Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt” rather than giving the impression it covers all of those cities.

    It will be very interesting to see if and when it gets to the mainland what the service will be like.

  2. Yes, Noni .

    a friend running a CyberCafe in the hinterlands has been forced to use AirTel N1,200 for 1Gigabyte to power Quartets of computers. A subscription shared between every four computers.

    it works.


    AirTel is blazing fast and rock steady there. 3G all the way

    the other ISPs are either unreliable , or too expensive for the cafe business.

    Lets hope the coverage gets better, the service steadier and the pricing more reasonable.

    almost all of them charge an average of N1,000 for every Gigabyte, now.. with epileptic service off Island..

  3. @Jimtex

    Technically speaking, 3G(which most would consider UMTS) has a top speed of 384Kbps. HSDPA/HSPA(HSUPA) is the one that could match and surpass 4Mbps, but those are considered 3.5G/3.75G. So technically they are correct. The rest of those on the other hand(wimax, dsl) can match the advertised speed, so they are wrong on those.

  4. The rest of those on the other hand(wimax,
    dsl) can match the advertised
    speed, so they are wrong on those.@Mayowa. I disagree. When you check their website it says
    guarantee. In other words you are getting dedicated bandwidth and not shared bandwith like wireless providers.

  5. @Mark

    ipNX can “guarantee” all they want, but it is not a dedicated service. An ISP can get away with the assumption that only a percentage of the total users will need to use the internet at one time. years ago, when I was in the know, It used to be 15%. I am sure it has gone up significantly since then. The cost of 1Mbps from an undersea cable in Nigeria is still $300 which means that to dedicate 4Mbps to one residential user, they would have to spend $1,200. For the 4Mbps plan, ipNX charges 10 thousand Naira and gives 20GB(ten during the day, ten at night) data allowance.

    My point was that the theoretical maximum of Wimax(well over 10Mbps) and DSl(20Mbps) are more than the entry level 4Mbps offered by ipNX

  6. A lot of people here don’t know what they are saying. IPNX is offering 10mbps for 10,500 Naira, NOT 4mbps for that price. For their basic 15mbps connection you are paying 15,000 Naira. Compared to other ISP’s that is a bloody bonanza. Best value in Nigeria EASILY!

  7. @lumzi23

    This article(and all comments) was written in September of this year, and all the information at that time was correct. ipNX did not go from 4Mbps to 10Mbps on it’s cheapest plan until late November. Do a google search for articles on ipNX fos. look for articles before November and those for late November/early December, you will see the difference.

    Point being, there is no need to accuse people of not knowing what they are saying when clearly, they do.

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