10,000mAh ZMI High-Speed Power Bank Review

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Power banks are great accessories for those of us who live in parts of the world where uninterrupted power supply is still a dream. It is also a great tool to have if you enjoy the great outdoors. In this 10,000mAh ZMI High-Speed power bank review, I share my experience with the best power bank I have ever handled till date.

For starters, what is in the box? Nothing much. The power bank itself, a USB to micro-USB cable for charging, and a quick guide pamphlet. The power bank itself has official model number as QB810 and uses Lithium Polymer technology.

10,000mAh ZMI High-Speed Power Bank Review - ports

10,000mAh ZMI High-Speed Power Bank Review: Design

This is a slim and compact device, and it slips into pockets nice and easy. Official dimensions are 127 x 69 x 12.7mm, while it weighs 177g.

In terms of design, the ZMI power bank is very sleek. It has all three ports and four LED indicators on a single side, and a power button on an adjacent side. Besides that, there is nothing else on the rest of the shell. The device has a solid build.

10,000mAh ZMI High-Speed Power Bank Review - open box

10,000mAh ZMI High-Speed Power Bank Review: How Fast Does It Charge?

We already know that the power bank has a capacity of 10,000mAh.

Input ratings are 5V/2A, 9V/2A, or 12V/1.5A, while output ratings are: 5.1V/2.4A, 9V/1.6A, or 12V/1.2A. In simple terms, it is capable of being charged faster than regular charging, and it is capable of charging your phones faster than regular charging. Basically, this ZMI power bank is capable of Quick Charge 2.0 speeds. See our guide about fast battery chargers.

10,000mAh ZMI High-Speed Power Bank Review

The fast charging feature is a very convenient thing to have on a power bank. While the device has two input ports – one regular micro-USB and another USB-C, it has only one output port for charging your devices.

In Use

The included USB to micro-USB cable is not USB-C, so if your smartphone has a USB-C port, you will either need to buy and adaptor or buy a compatible USB to micro-USB cable.

In use over the last months, the ZMI power bank has been nothing short of excellent. When charged with a fast charger, it gets topped up quite faster, and it has done a good job of topping up my fast charge enabled phones quickly. We are talking about getting a 45-60% charge in 30 minutes.

10,000mAh ZMI High-Speed Power Bank Review - design

I have used or reviewed quite a few power banks over the years. The OnePlus 10,000mAh power bank is another really sleek one that I enjoyed, but the ZMI 10,000 is superior in terms of performance.

In terms of uniqueness, the Power Stone 10,400mAh takes the cake, plus it has two output ports, so you can actually charge two phones at the same time. But it does not support fast charging.

The ZMI 10,000mAh power bank is easily takes the cake, and after over six months in service, it is still doing the Lord’s work as it did on Day One. It costs about $20 and can be purchased from quite a number of online stores, or just call Habeeb on +2347088535479 or 08057845440 to place your order. He supplied mine.


  1. We are talking about getting a 45-60% charge in 3 minutes.

    Erm…sir?? Do you mean 30 minutes or is it really 3 minutes?

  2. This is the type of Power bank someone like me should have, never heard of that name “ZMI” before but i believed in your word, Mr Mo. Just like my Huawei 13000mAh Power bank, I’ve been using it since the year 2015 and still working perfectly till date.

  3. Are we still in the era of powerbank? It’s time for me to think through it. Based on this review this one is good enough.

  4. If you’ve heard of Xiaomi, you should know ZMI. Xiaomi has a bunch of partners and suppliers who produce accessories, ZMI supplies chargers, power banks and cables.

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