101 ways to pronounce Huawei

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We ran a quick quiz on witter and Facebook yesterday,in which we asked the question: How do you pronounce “Huawei”? We got quite a bit of interesting answers, and we are in a good mood to share some of the responses. Here goes:

Okay, not exactly 101 ways. But you do get the picture; don’t you? Do you know how to pronounce Huawei? Tell us!

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  1. Okay, not exactly 101 ways. But you do get the picture; don’t you?

    Sure; if we are not losing national sleep over a missing $49.8 billiards / $10.2 billiards, why would 101 suddenly becoming 8 bother Mobility Blog Fans?

    Well, how do you pronounce..

    Hyundai. ??
    Schlumberger ??
    Peugeot ??

    I bet mist people would have the intonation off the mark!

    Foreign tonge_twisting names usually require a copious ingestion of Draw Soup to get pronounced right by non natives .!

  2. A few years ago I had a Korean acquaintance who wanted me to call her by her English name, Hannah. I asked what her Korean name was, and it was an “Hy” name.

    Pronouncing the Hy is similar to pronouncing the word “Twi” – there’s a particular quirk in pronouncing it, but not impossible.The H is actually pronounced but subtly.

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