Nokia has been reported as planning for 12 Windowsphone 8 models for 2012 and at least some of them are to be powered by the

12 Nokia WindowsPhone 8 Smartphones Planned for 2012, running 1.2 GHz CPUs

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Nokia has been reported as planning for 12 Windowsphone 8 models for 2012 and at least some of them are to be powered by the ST-Ericsson U8500 dual-core chip based on Cortex-A9. The ST-Ericsson has support for clock speeds of up to 1.2GHz for each core and is similar in terms of performance to the latest of Snapdragons out there with its 12 hours of continuous full HD playback on a single charge.


  1. Enough about Nokia and their future plans!!

    Let them give us something concrete to look forward too. Nokia don dey ‘dull’ me.

    Anna, dem dey delay…
    Meego, dem dey delay…
    Ovi, dem dey rebrand…
    WP7, na so so plan…


  2. Only 12 devices? thats too small nah, after-all, there’ll only change the design of the body and give them different names.
    Sometimes I think of Nokia as an Ibo man **no disrespect**

  3. Douglas >> after-all, there’ll only change the design of the body and give them different names.

    Haha! as simple as that? Hmm…

  4. By 2012 who knows may be the ST-Ericsson U8500 dual-core would have become an outdated technology.
    Nokia is too slow for my liking. This explains Nokia was taken unaware by the spate of development in the mobile technology.

  5. When samsung already has plans to release 2ghz phones by then?? 2011 and we already ve 1.2ghz dual core samsung and htc phones and nokia is still planning? Am sowie for ’em

  6. Plans plans plans. Abeg Nokia should allow us rest. They should give us something concrete instead of beating about two birds in the bush?

    Imagine Nokia touting dual core 1.20 gigahertz processor as if it is a future innovation in 2012? The samsung galaxy s II already has that. The makers of Tegra mobile cpu even touted a quad-core mobile processor by 2012! Maybe that’s what stuff the samsung galaxy s III WILL look like by next year!

    Nokia should start being a doer and less of a talker!

    This is what I rightfully refer as a fanfaronade!

  7. There is sumtin u guys r not getting, windows phone (wp henceforth) is already hardware accelerated and optimized to use the snapdragon 1ghz cpu and gpu resources most effectively. This explains why wp is so blazingly fast on those qualcomm snapdragon cpus, even faster than the almighty iphone (which was king at smartphone usability speed untill wp), and makes android on the SGSII (which has no hardware acceleration) look like slow bot (pun intented). My point is this, android needs those dual core (and even quad core) CPUs to boost OS and user experience (UX henceforth) speed because it has no hardware acceleration and currently filled with a lot of bloat. I think for us here in 9ja, the question should be when nokia wp devices will be hitting our shores and stores, because only through nokia can we experience the unique features of wp (zune pass, xbox live, marketplace availability, bing….etc) in nairaland fast enough.

  8. MAdol, well spoken like a true Nokia fan. You feel Samsumg will be waiting for Noka in 2012?

    What we’re saying is that Nokia keeps making promises and keeps talking of future releases 9 months or one year away while all the time, Manufacturers like HTC and Samsumg are churning out new and better specs/UX devices.

    Nokia needs to bring out good devices instead of talking all the time. Market share for Nokia keeps falling quaeter on quarter while they vacillate on bringing out a single WP device to “save” their day. Let’s hope their indecision works for them. If i were them I’ll keep my guns close to my chest. And use it only on the nick of times.

  9. DISCLAIMER: I’m no Nokia fan (I just love good Products). LOL
    Well spoken too, my good sir. Agreed that nokia needs to move fast, but the thing is this, they already are. If you look at the current news then you’d notice that they would most definitely come out with atleast two nokia wp mango handsets this year, considering that this was a ‘maybe’ case about three months ago, I’d say they’re pretty decisive and swifter now.
    All that aside, I’ll like to emphasize some points that people tend to overlook when analyzing the Nokia and Microsoft dilemmas:

    1) These two companies are huge (I mean huge cash revenues, workforce, presence….the whole shubang). Granted that their size has led to destructive cooperate bureaucracies which has in turn stifled innovation and killed swiftness in responding to rapidly changing market trends, but (it a big BUT) at the same time it means that they are big enough (you know, with lots of muscles and extra cushions) to take a lot of blows and still rebound to give a few blows themselves. We’ve seen it done before but for the sake of trying to keep this post from getting any longer (as I know it already is, sorry) I’ll only point you to one; Netscape vs Internet Explorer.

    2) Differentiation and Cost: Windows phone already provides a unique user experience that no other smartphone platform has. Though you might say ‘that’s good for microsoft but not for nokia’ because nokia is not the only OEM manufacturing windows phones, true but (yes, another huge BUT) nokia has a unique (heck, you could even say differentiated) partnership with microsoft where they are allowed to do things with the OS that other OEMs are prohibited from doing. The second ofcourse is that little thing called ‘cost’; Nokia undoubtedly has the biggest large scale manufacturing plants in the phone business which allows them to reduce cost drastically to levels that other OEMs would be to scared to go to.

    3) Worldwide Presence and Widely Known Brands: This could take very long explaining but I’ll keep it brief. Nokia and microsoft are well known, even in places that people only know ‘apple’ as a rare fruit and ‘samsung’ as a drunk happy fellow who has a thing for music (just kidding but I’m sure you get the point). Infact, my cousin whose not very tech savvy bought a HTC windows mobile phone just because he saw ‘windows’ on it and there are even more like him that buy nokia phones just because it’s nokia. Now add that to the fact that nokia has a distributor or store in places developed countries don’t even know exists (they even have detailed maps for some Nigerian cities that google overlooks). If they can get low cost, low end windows phones handsets into these places (like they do with symbian and s60) then they are sure to make it.

    4) This is my last point fortunately (FINALLY;I’m tired of typing as I can imagine you’re tired of reading too): Nokia knows they’re losing market share, they know android has gone terminator on them (you know, ‘rise of the machines’), so they won’t just sit around and keep doing the same thing over and over again. Just like Microsoft took a radical step and built a fresh new operating system (a mighty fine one at that too), nokia has taken a radical one in adopting another company’s software and will take a bold new step in challenging android where it’s most successful in; lower price points & the number of handsets being churned out in a year.

    Abeg na Elop (CEO Nokia) talk am well;

    “Ecosystems thrive when they reach scale, when they are fueled by energy and innovation and when they provide benefits and value to each person or company who participates. This is what we are creating; this is our vision; this is the work we are driving from this day forward.

    There are other mobile ecosystems. We will disrupt them.

    There will be challenges. We will overcome them.

    Success requires speed. We will be swift.

    Together, we see the opportunity, and we have the will, the resources and the drive to succeed.”

  10. @MADol

    Great Comments There.

    Nokia WP7 sure has appeal.

    And I foresee that what happened to iPhone will happen to Android.

    A lot of customer ran to iPhone, now they are all running to Android, by the time Nokia WP7 is out; they will all run to it again.

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