I love the Xiaomi Mi 4 so much that I eventually made it my primary smartphone. The catch was that this model has only 16

16GB internal storage is grossly insufficient, even with cloud storage

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I love the Xiaomi Mi 4 so much that I eventually made it my primary smartphone. The catch was that this model has only 16 GB internal storage – and no expandable storage. No microSD card slot. I thought to myself that cloud storage could solve the problem, so for the first time, I moved all my stuff to the cloud – videos, music, images, documents, et al. However, my experience is that every few days, I run into a storage problem and have to start looking for what to delete off my phone. Have a look at this screenshot:

16 GB file manager

As you can see, I have only 473 MB storage left on the phone. There are no videos on the phone, as those are the heaviest space eaters. I keep my music files synchronised between phone and cloud, so they exist in both locations. My cloud service also automatically uploads camera photos. I keep having to delete files to make more room. And I often run into an insufficent error message when downloading files or updating apps. That happens weekly now. At the end of the day, having to decide what files to delete in order not to run out of storage space is tiring.

I am sure that many people will find 16GB internal storage alone sufficient. It just doesn’t work for me anymore. I outgrew it. I have comfortably used smartphones with 16GB internal storage, but only those that have a microSD card slot. Goldie is an example. But without expandable memory, 16GB on a device is grossly insufficient for my needs.


  1. exactly, I’ve made this point before, for devices without expandable memory, 32 GB should be the minimum amount of on board ROM. the cloud may be an alternative to local storage but you can’t (yet) have your apps and app data in the cloud

  2. I wonder how the cloud works out in a nation like Naija with epileptic 2G networks,I expected Xiaomi as a Chinese OEM to take their targeted markets into account while making these devices..

  3. It sound strange. I’ve actually never exceeded 10gb storage in any phone I’ve used.

    And I still have my videos, pictures and music intact.

  4. Xiaomi’s target markets (China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc) all have good to great H+/LTE connectivity

  5. Lol, I am laughing. Why? People for years complained about the 16GB on iPhones “We pay every tax dollar we owe.”how no expandable memory. Android devices like this have been churning out for a while now (my past HTC One S comes to mind), of which, the likes of the Mi4 being one amongst many.

    The lesson? A device with only 16GB internal memory (of which about 12GB is available) is not for heavy users.

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